Friday, June 9, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 48 | Cheap Broadway Tickets, Peloton Workout Classes, Athletic Shorts for Tall Girls & More

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 1.          And Just Like That on HBO- I know I am the last one to watch this show, but it’s amazing. I was nervous it wasn’t going to be as good as the original Sex and the City, as a spin off, but it is. The clothes are incredible. The show feels like a continuation of the original. Highly recommend.

2.          Lucky Seat- Do you want to see Broadway shows for cheap? Sign up for the daily lottery on Lucky Seat and you can score $40 tickets the day before the show. Lauren won two tickets a couple of weeks ago, and we saw Book of Mormon, front right mezzanine for $40 each. Book of Mormon is available, as well as Moulin Rouge (my personal favorite! I’ve seen it twice), Hades Town and Funny Girl (with Leah Michelle).

3.          Peloton App- I love the Peloton spin classes but the Peloton App offers so much more. There are amazing HITT classes, running classes, strength training (with and without weights), barre, Pilates, dance cardio, boxing, muscle specific workouts and more. I love the app! Highly recommend trying it out for effective workouts. Peloton has a free version of their App, and then paid versions. Test it out! 

4.          Abercrombie athletic shorts- I did not own a single pair of athletic shorts until now. I was going on a walk one day, and Alex asked me why I wasn’t wearing shorts; I had on a pair of cropped leggings. I told him, I don’t own a pair. He asked if I wore leggings even when it is really hot out, my answer: yes. I was blessed with super long legs which means some clothes are very hard to find. Shorts is one category of clothing I have difficulty with. Shorts rarely come in “tall” and are not made for ladies with my length of legs. I ordered this pair and this pair from Aerie, and they were unsuccessful. Too short in the back and they cut me off on a weird spot on my thighs. Now comes Abercrombie shorts. I ordered this pair of split shorts for running and this pair of ultra high waisted workout shorts. Round of applause Abercrombie. I love their leggings. They are the only leggings I wear for all my work outs, but now I have shorts to wear too! The splits are short, but not too short, and they are flattering. The other shorts are not too short in the back or in the front, on my thighs. So good! I am now a proud owner of three pairs of shorts!

5.          California- I absolutely loved visiting California. It was beautiful. There is no other state like it in the US. The food was delicious and so was the wine. Check out my new blog post all about our trip, as I continue to dream about the west coast. 


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