Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Apps I use for my Blog and Instagram

palm frond earrings, statement earrings, white button down

I do everything on my own for my blog (except my mom is my photographer). You are looking at a one woman show! Here are the Apps I use to make my life a little easier in the blogging world. 

how to wear a white button down, navy shorts, statement earrings

1.     Photos on my Mac/iPhone- This is where I edit all my photos. I also use the Instagram app to make final edits before posting.

2.     Canva App- Have you ever seen one of my shopping collages? This is the app I use to make my themed collages, whether it be holiday gift guides or Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or T&P Top 10 of the week.

3.     ProKnockout App- This is the app I use to get rid of backgrounds of clothing items for my collages. This is a great App if a certain piece of clothing has a dark background, and it won’t match your collage background. Or if you need to have items overlap in your collage and you want to get rid of the background completely.

straw tote, straw bag, white button down, green earrings, statement earrings, shorts, preppy

4.     Notes App- I write all my blog posts in the Notes app on my phone. I usually spark ideas when I am on the move or when I am traveling. So, I am always writing down ideas and jotting notes down here.

5.     Microsoft Word- This isn’t technically an App, but I copy my drafted blog post from the Notes App into Microsoft Word via iCloud and start editing and revising my blog posts on my computer. I then copy the word document into the blog post on my blog platform.

6.     PicMonkey App- I create all my icons for my story highlights on Instagram with this app. I have a set background color and then I just add on the stickers, that hopefully give some visual cue to what the highlight is about, change the colors to white and upload them to Instagram.

7.     Blogger- This is the platform I use to run and create posts on This is not the most user friendly and outdated, but, six years ago when I started blogging, the other platforms weren’t as popular. So, I have stuck with Blogger for all of these years even though I should switch. 

If you are a creator, what apps do you use?

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