Tuesday, July 6, 2021

6 Year Blog Anniversary and How to Make Blogger Friends and Why Those Friendships are SO Important

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Tallandpreppy.com is 6 years old! Yay!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support over the years! The T&P Family means to world to me, and I am so happy to have this platform to share my life and style with you all.


This past year T&P has grown dramatically.

2020 was a really painful year but it was also the best year for Tall and Preppy!

I have over 7,000 friends on Instagram, and 800 friends on Pinterest.


This year I started actually monetizing my blog, something I should’ve done a long time ago, and started knowing my worth as a CEO and business owner, also something I should’ve known a long time ago.


I have also learned how to make blogger friends and the importance of those friendships.


I am proud to say that I know I have an army of girlfriends, some that I have never met in real life, that are there to cheer me on with my blog and real-life accomplishments. They are also there to learn and grow with me.

There is no user guide or manual on how to be a blogger. By making friends, I have been able to learn from them.

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How I made friends on the Internet:

I found some really cool blogs with beautiful photos (I’m talking about Louise, Shelby, Libby, Emily, Lindsay and Carey, and everyone else that I follow and bump into on Instagram) and I started genuinely engaging on their posts. Eventually I DMed them or they DMed me (I honestly don’t remember) and we started talking about life around blogging and outside of it. We complimented each other, shared fashion finds, and shared crazy stories.

Slowly we got off Instagram and started texting and talking regularly.

It was so nice to talk to a group of likeminded women who all wanted to grow as bloggers. We were able to share resources- such as brand contacts and email templates.

It was nice to share what projects we are all working on and what struggles we were having.

It was nice to be able to gain inspiration from these women from all over the country (now world) and also help share our thoughts on current blogger problems.

The minute you stop caring about competition and start caring about collaboration, the blogging world changes.

I love that I no longer care about how many followers I have (I love you all dearly and am so  glad you are all here- but if you all leave me or I gain some new friends in the future- I am happy with all of those options).

I have grown more as a well-rounded blogger and business owner because I have friends that understand what I am going through and can help me.


Carey and I have taken our friendship off screen and into Manhattan! Carey and I actually have a mutual friend, Kate, (I went to undergrad with Kate and Carey went to high school with her). We love getting drinks together and taking pictures on the weekends. We even love texting about bad outfits and crazy brands that ask for too many deliverables and unpaid labor.


I am indebted to my real-life friends and family and my new internet friends for helping guide me through the unknown and confusing world of influencing!


Happy 6 to T&P! Cheers to many more years!




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