Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Funny Zoom Stories from Zoom Law School

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I just finished my 1st year of law school. In the fall, we were fully in person 5-days a week and I met my best friends. 2nd semester we were mostly online and only meet in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but even that was sparse due to Mother Nature or travels of our professors. So, I have spent a LOT of time staring at my computer screen staring at little, tiny boxes where my other classmates’ faces were. I got to know everyone’s rooms and where they took their classes and etc. So, I thought I would share some funny situations that happened at Zoom law school...

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1.          This one kid wore a new hat and pair of sunglasses just about every day to Zoom class

2.          Both semesters, if you were remote and the class was being taught in person, there was a big screen in the front of the room where your face went into a little black rectangle (as seen on Zoom), and you would be projected in the front of the room. The in-person students could see you, but you couldn’t see them. So, you can imagine this was a bit entertaining. In the fall, a student was remote during our Friday afternoon class, and I was in person and this student fell asleep on Zoom. The person was visibly sitting in their bed with their back against their headboard and slowly but surely the head fell forward and lights out. This student was dead asleep. Good thing I had a mask on, because I was cracking up!

3.          We had a student flossing on zoom. Gross. Like come on... we’re in law school.

4.          The outfits on zoom we’re definitely entertaining. Most were sweatshirts or workout clothes. I always tried to brush my eyebrows and put on a pair of earrings and a sweater. But this one girl showed up to virtual class in a sports bra with a big Nike swoosh across the boobs. Not a good look.

5.          Another girl was caught brushing her hair on Zoom during class.

6.          Like I said, we are all in law school, and yet there was a student visibly playing video games whilst our professor was teaching. I mean come on... 

7.          Again, another poor outfit choice for a guy on zoom. One day we got to see his very hairy armpit right in front of our cameras.

8.          Nose picking was seen as well. My mom is a kindergarten teacher, and she teaches on Zoom 2x a week, so I get if a 5-year-old picks their nose, but a law student!? Come on friends!

9.          This one I hate to put it on here because this was a friend, but she was full on doing her makeup routine on Zoom before our professor joined the call! Very funny.

10.       Another funny story is during virtual class, some kids in my section were in a classroom together watching the class and when one of the kids that was in the classroom got called on, the other students in the room, fed that student answers. 

11.       The classic “please mute yourself, you’re not muted.” Before class one day, we were all signing onto Zoom and someone had signed on and did not immediately mute themselves when they joined the call and they were having a full on rock n’roll jam session before class started. It was actually pretty funny. I was laughing and my professor got on the call and asked me if it was me playing the music, it obviously wasn’t because I would have died of embarrassment. 

12.       If texting in class in front of your professor wasn’t bad enough what about texting visibility in front of the camera on Zoom? That’s pretty bad... like you have no excuse for not hiding your phone, and yet so many kids would blatantly hold their phones up in front of the camera and text.

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