Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Basketball Family

For a couple of months now I have jokingly said that my family is a “basketball family.”
My mom, dad, oldest brother and twin brother all played basketball at some point in their lives.
My sister and I have never played, yet I still call my family a “basketball family.”
I know how to shoot and dribble only from doing drills with Peter on the driveway for years on end. I was never very good. I can't do a lay-up and maybe I can do a foul shot, if I'm lucky.
The only thing I have going for me in basketball is that I am tall and very aggressive.
I have been told by many people that I should play because I am tall, but I have never been interested until now.

Last night I played in my first ever competitive basketball game!
I joined the Kappa Delta intermural girls v. girls basketball team the other day with my friend Erin!
We were down by 10 points last night when I subbed in for one of my teammates.
I was very nervous and it was a lot of pressure to win.
But after watching my brother play and my dad coach for YEARS, I felt like I knew what I was doing!
I kept my eyes on the ball, boxed out and put my hands up.
Don’t worry I even gave the girl I was blocking a shove or two.
I stayed in into the end of the game and we brought up the score nine points, so we were only losing by one.
At the end of the game we only lost by one, but it was very close.
I think we made up all the points due to my amazing blocking skills! *Toss toss

So I think I can say a little more confidently that I am from a basketball family because now I even play, sorry Tara!!

After all the fun I had on the court, I made my way over to my two meetings.
One was about Kappa Delta Public Relations!
I learned that I will be in charge of accumulating photos for the Wake Forest KD Instagram!

The other meeting was about a big heavier topic.
It was a meeting with all of the tour guides where we discussed how to answer questions on tours about the shooting and murder that happened on campus two weeks ago.
You can read my blog post about that HERE.
All we can say is that the investigation is ongoing.
So far two out of the three suspects have been arrested.
All the protocols are being looked into and investigated to continue to make our campus safe.

To continue on the tall theme, here is an outfit that is sure to make you look really tall and lean, even if you are not from a "basketball family" like mine and weren't blessed in the height department.
The long vest, over the knee boots and dark wash skinny jeans accentuates my height.
The oversized turtleneck pairs well with a tight pair of skinny jeans. And then the long-oversized fur vest adds to the oversized look on my top half, while the over the knee boots lengthens my body.

H&M long faux fur vest
Rocksbox hoop earrings


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