Saturday, November 14, 2015

Senior Banquet

On Thursday night I had Senior Banquet!! It was so much fun! My entire grade and all of our parents went to this big banquet hall and reflected on our past years in high school!
There was a photo montage and some students gave really really funny speeches. My one friend Jack, in the photo above, gave the funniest speech about some fun times that he had at his elementary school. He pretty much roasted all of his prior teachers. We didn't go to the same elementary school but it didn't matter he was so funny, the audience and I both saw that he has big things ahead of him! 

Besides the photo montage and some funny speeches, our student government also handed out senior superlatives. "Most likely to earn a million dollars," "Most likely to be President of the United States," "Prettiest eyes," and "Best athlete," were just some of the fun and silly awards. I unfortunately did not win anything but I'm okay with that! In the end it doesn't matter!

Now on to my outfit!

I love this dress! I love the colors and I think it is so flattering! Although it is knee length and not necessarily the "norm" dress length for a 17 year old, I think it is so elegant! I think the length and style makes it a very classic and classy dress that I can totally see myself wearing in 10 years when I'm working in NYC! (Hopefully!)

I was so tall in my shoes that I had to crouch down to take some photos with some of my more vertically challenged friends... sorry!! But I love being tall! And if your as tall as me (5'9") you go girl and wear your really high heels and be proud that you are towering over all of your friends!

Dress: Asos scuba knee-length dress (similar)
Shoes: Vince Camuto black suede t-strap 4 inch platforms (similar)
Earrings: burgundy studs
Clutch: black beaded evening bag (similar)


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