Monday, November 30, 2015

Curly Hair

Happy Monday! 
I hope everyone's long weekend was great! 
These photos are actually from Saturday night, because I went out to dinner with my cousins, who we didn't get to see on Thanksgiving for a little belated Thanksgiving celebration! But I wore the same outfit today!
So for once I actually did my hair. I know this isn't a blog about hair but I thought I should share! (Omg hair and share rhyme! Lol!) If you have been following me for a while you have seen that I am very very lazy when it comes to styling my hair. It is either down or goes up in a pony tail. My hair is naturally very straight and doesn't really hold a curl or an up-do or anything really, so I just go with it and wear it down pretty much every day. 
Well, on Saturday night my hair looked a little crazy, so I decided to curl it. I never straighten my hair or curl it or braid it.... so the fact that I curled it was very odd for me. Long story short, it took me over an hour to curl my very thick hair and I hair sprayed it and everything and literally right after these pictures were taken, all the curls fell out.... :( 
So if anyone has any ideas of how to hold a curl in really straight hair... let me know!!!

Shirt: J Crew weenier dog sweater (I am obsessed with it, look how cute it is!!!) (similar dog sweater)
Jeans: American Eagle skinny jeans (in tall!!)
Bag: Michael Kors Selma satchel in light brown (darker color)
Earrings: oversized pearls


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