Saturday, September 26, 2015

Statment Earrings

What's up friends?? So tonight was my friend Bridget's (the blonde) birthday party!!
We went to this really good Greek restaurant and partied the night away! 
The restaurant is pretty nice and I didn't want to wear a dress so I thought that a very simple outfit with one bold accessory, my earrings, was the way to go! My earrings had the same orange in them as my shirt so that's why I was able to match them together! This is why I love accessories! I love taking a simple outfit and adding a cute shoe, bag or in this case big statement earring and giving the outfit some pop!
All my friends yelled at me for wearing heels!! But I don't care! I love wearing heels! They make me feel so fierce and I just love being tall!! In these shoes I am over 6 feet tall, but the higher the shoes the better!! So if your tall like me, don't let your friends tell you you are too tall to wear heels! You work it girl and do what you want to do!!
Yet again I'm wearing my white jeans, shocker!! I know! But they are such a staple and classic piece that every woman should have in their wardrobe! And who cares that it is after labor day and I am wearing white jeans!!?? I say that is just a guide line, and since it is still hot here, it is still summer. Therefore, I can still wear white pants!

Earrings: large statement earrings (similar)
Bag: Michael Kors Selma bag (large bag)
Shoes: BCBG brown cork wedges (similar)


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