Friday, September 4, 2015

A High Pony-Tail Kind of Day!

It's FRIDAY!! Yay!! How was everyone's week?? I successfully made it though my first week of senior year! It is slowly sinking in that I am a senior, but it is still a little unreal. I always looked up to the seniors and was always waiting to be a senior in high school, but now that I actually am it is a little weird. It is also a little scary that I am the one that younger girls are looking at as someone they want to be one day. And it's scary that I will be graduating and going away to college. Growing up is scary!! 
I wore another super comfortable outfit to battle the heat! But aren't you happy that it's not a dress? I changed it up and wore a skirt! And I wore my hair in a super high pony-tail to get my hair off of my neck! It was just one of those high pony-tail kind of days! And it's Friday!!

Shirt: J Crew white t-shirt with gold neckline (pink version)
Skirt: J Crew blue and white pencil skirt (similar)

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