Monday, August 31, 2015

The Water Ballet

It is a tradition in my town for each of the country clubs to put on a Water Ballet. All it is, is little girls and boys and even some upper class men put on a little dance routine wearing costumes outside of the water and then they continue the dance in the water. It is always really cute! I went to go see my niece, Ava. She wore a red dress and was the star of the show! 
And yes of course I wore super high wedges!! I love being tall in general and then when I add 4 more inches I am even taller and I love it!! I say wear heels if you want to, who cares if you are taller than everyone, including the guys! (I was!!)
I took some photos before I left for the event because it was super humid out! So I took some photos before the humidity started to mess with my hair and makeup to show you ladies and gents!

My outfit:
Bag: Blue and tan striped clutch (similar and prettier!!)
Shoes: BCBG brown cork wedges (similar)


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