Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's my Birthday, I Can Cry if I Want to... Well Almost

 So today I celebrated my birthday with my family. My brother, in the Cornell t-shirt is actually my twin brother, and no he does not go to Cornell. We just had a backyard party with my family. Most of these photos if they are not of me, they are of my niece Ava who is 5, and turning 6 in September. She is such a funny kid. I am the big princess of the family and she is the little princess of the family. We tried to take a family photo and um well she is part of the family, but she photobombed this photo. Her and I did a little photoshoot in the front yard, and some of these photos she took of me! I was so impressed of how great a photographer she was!! I wore this super cute and comfortable maxi dress that was a tad bit short because of how tall I am, but it wasn't that noticeable!

I am wearing:


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