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No Spend January Recap

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I know it’s March, but I wanted to share what I learned from “No Spend January.”

I challenged myself going into the new year that I wouldn’t do any personal shopping for myself for the month of January. I needed a reset from the holidays and to start the year off on budget. Clothes and shoes are my weakness. I know I am very privileged to even be writing this post. 


I just started working full time in the fall after graduating law school, so at the end of 2023 I was shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts.


I am proud to say that I really kept to my word and didn’t buy anything for myself (except two dresses from the Tuckernuck Sample Sale at the end of the month! I couldn’t help myself because they were both 50% off and had been on my wish list forever). 


I think challenging myself to not buy anything for myself in January was a challenge that I wanted to win or a promise that I had to keep.


In January, I bought wedding gifts for all my friends and planned out my travels, vacation days and budget for the year.


To help with my budget for the year, I created a list of things I (think I) want to buy and how I’m going to buy them every month. I love planning so this fits right in.


For example, I’m going on a bachelorette trip in Key West in April, and there is this Hill House dress with sea creatures on it that I think would be so cute for the trip. I found several of the dresses being sold on Poshmark and the Real Real that are just sitting in my likes folder. I have no use for the dress now in cold March, so I am planning on buying it in April to wear on my trip!


I think also planning my purchases, helps me think and realize where my money is going and if I really need/want that item as the month comes up. It helps me remember not to just buy something because it’s on sale, unless I wanted it before it was on sale (example the Tuckernuck dresses).


Influencing and social media is so much about fast fashion and overconsumption. My January no-buy month was a great reset into realizing how many clothes I own and that I don’t need (or have room for).


I’m not sure if I could do a strict no-buy month again this year, but I will definitely do it again in January. 


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