Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloweekend 2022 in NYC: Halloween Costumes and Fun Music Fridays

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Happy Halloween

My friends and I celebrated Halloween Friday night in the city. 

I decided it would be fitting to be Elle Woods, as it is my last year of law school, and I like wearing wigs (from my days in the theater department, except I never got to be a blonde!) Also, on the topic of my time in the theater department, I was in two productions of Legally Blonde. Once, an all-girls production when I was in the 4th grade, when I was cast as Warner, and had to propose to a girl who was a bully, and then again in 10th grade, where I got to be a Delta Nu, Elle’s sorority sisters/Greek Chorus.

How do I look as a blonde? A lot of people thought I was Barbie, which I can see, but most friends guessed Elle Woods.

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Friday night we went to Treadwell Park Downtown to celebrate our twin friend’s Kendall and Kaitlin’s 25th birthdays. The food was really good. We split the giant pretzel and sweet potato fries. It was so good to see so many friends from Wake.

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And then we headed back to Le Poisson Rouge for Fun Music Fridays. THE BEST LIVE MUSIC AND DANCING IN NYC! $12 tickets! What could be better?

The music was great, as usual (our second time here two weeks in a row) and it was packed! So many people decked out in costumes! My favorite ones that I saw were Mia Thermapolis from Princess Diaries (I’m going to be her next year) and Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. 

After dancing until 2am, Alex and I walked back to the East Village and grabbed some late-night sausage and pepperoni pizza. And if that wasn’t enough, we went to Brooklyn Dumpling Shop (open 24hrs on Friday and Saturday) in the East Village. It is an automated dumpling shop, where you order the dumplings on a tablet and when the dumplings are done, they get placed into a lockbox where the only way to unlock them is with your receipt. It’s a really cool concept and the dumplings were delicious!


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