Friday, September 23, 2022

Five Friday Favorites | 19 | NYC Wake Forest Bar, J.Crew Discount, Hard Seltzers and More

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Five Friday Favorites | 19 | NYC Wake Forest Bar, J.Crew Discount, Hard Seltzers and More


1.          College football- College football is back and I am so excited! The Demon Deacons are off to a (somewhat) great start and I got to see them last weekend on their home turf because I got to return to my alma matter for homecoming! But no need to go to Winston to watch the Deacs play, if you are a Wake fan and live in New York, head to Turnmill in Murray Hill every game day to cheer on the Deacs.

2.          Partner Track on Netflix- I feel like I am always recommending Netflix or Amazon Prime shows, and that makes it appear from my weekly 5 Friday Favorites that I watch a lot of TV, but I really don’t (or maybe I do more now than the past two years of law school). Anyway, Partner Track is a really cute show with amazing business formal fashion and some interesting themes about gender roles at a law firm (which may or may not be true) and some real life-like clients and cases. I usually never watch legal shows, because TV is an escape for me, and watching things that make me think about work and homework is not an escape.

3.          Schoolgirl “trend”- I hate trends, ever since my mom told me that trends aren’t really trends, they are just styles that come in and out of fashion (and she would know because she went to fashion school). The schoolgirl trend with long schoolboy cardigans, loafers, pleated skirts, ballet flats, tweed blazers, and all things Gossip Girl is “back” in style. I never think these things went out. I personally think they are classics, but what do I know. But I did want to let you know that they are “back.” I am sharing loads of fashion finds on the LTK app @tallandpreppy

4.          Fruit Smash Hard Seltzers- Some people may be over hard seltzers, but I am not. I know there are 100 and 1 different types of spiked seltzers now, but the Fruit Smashers (we found them at Target) are my new favorites. They are 100 calories a can and very light. They taste like a La Croix. They aren’t too bubbly or too flavored. The Pink Lemonade and the Fruit Punch are my favorites in the pack.

5.          J.Crew discount- My all-time favorite brand is currently offering a discount where you get $20 off your order (and I get $20 off) when you sign up for J.Crew Passport- J.Crew’s updated reward program. Linked HERE!


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