Monday, August 22, 2022

My Last First Day of Law School: First Day of 3L Year

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Well, that went fast, yet slow at the same time. Today is my first day of my last year of law school and my last year of school ever.

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I am normally a very sentimental person but to be frank, I can’t wait until law school is over. 

It’s been the longest and most challenging two, going on three years of my life and I am ready for it to be over.

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I’m sure I will miss being a student and learning interesting things, but overall, I am thrilled to be heading into my last year of school. 

I am so close to becoming an attorney. My lifelong goal and dream is coming true in a few months. I can't believe it. I am terrified of the Bar Exam (I already signed up for a prep course) but after next July I will be free from studying!

I am going on my 19th year of school straight. I have never not been a student. So, I’m sure next year will be weird without a first day of school post, so I am trying to embrace the good things about law school as I finish out my academic career.

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As excited as I am to be done with law school, I am looking forward to the classes I am taking this semester.

I am taking Wills, Trusts & Estates, Social Media and the Law, Law & the Role of In-House Counsel, Entertainment Law and Mediation.

This semester, I am serving as a peer mentor and Articles Editor for Family Court Review Volume 60. 

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I am also continuing to intern in-house at the company I worked for over the summer. I am so excited that my bosses extended my internship so I can continue to do work I am passionate about and work with the best team.


I am filming my last first day of school and will be posting it to my socials. Check it out!

Only a couple of months until I am Elizabeth Guariglia, J.D.

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