Friday, June 10, 2022

Five Friday Favorites | 5 |

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I just got back from my beach trip to Mexico! Here are my five Friday favorites from this week!


1.          Yuka App- a free app created by a French nonprofit that allows you to scan the barcodes of beauty and household products and it tells you what (harmful) chemicals are in the products and gives you safer alternatives. I swear by this app. I am trying to make a more conscious effort to use more clean and safer products for my body as more and more women these days are having unexplained reproductive issues.

2.          Camelbak water bottle. The bigger the better. I carry my water bottle around with me everywhere because it forces me to drink more water.

3.          Jack Rogers. My tried-and-true favorite summer sandals.

4.          Ilia highlighter. A safe and clean beauty product (found via the Yuka app) and it is STUNNING. Even if you don’t care about clean beauty, this highlighter is stunning! It is so iridescent. I think it’s comparable to Becca’s highlighter, that is no longer in production.

5.          Straw. While I was in Mexico, I purchased a big straw hat and a watermelon shaped straw clutch. I also bought my mom a straw shoulder bag. Such great pieces, for not a lot of money, and pieces that will help me remember my trip to Mexico.


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