Monday, April 25, 2022

Grandmillenial and Coastal Grandmother Explained

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What’s grandmillenial?

Grandmillenial is both a fashion genre as well as a lifestyle. For fashion: think traditional, like Bridgeton, long dresses, puff sleeves, pleats, empire waists, ruffles, pastels, blue and white floral prints and super girly outfits. This fashion genre became popular in 2020 and has continued today. It is also a lifestyle of wine tastings, fancy dinners, needlepoint, decorating your house in blue and white ceramics, high tea and romance.


What is costal grandmother you may ask?

It’s like grandmillenial but with more preppy and coastal vibes. This is the newest lifestyle and fashion aesthetic plaguing the internet. Think my outfit, a button down, or a caftan. The lifestyle of coastal grandma is taking long walks on the beach, reading a good novel, candle lit dinner parties, fresh flowers and more blue and white with a nautical trend.

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Consider this your lifestyle trend report for the week. Grandmillenial and coastal grandmother are both fashion genres but also lifestyle genres. Everyone interprets them differently so I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!


I am no professional in social trends and usually have no idea what the social trends are, but these I know pretty well and love them both.


Last spring and summer, grandmillenial was in and it is again this season as Bridgerton season two is out as is Sanditon season two (which if you haven’t seen either of them yet, you HAVE to watch, consider this your homework assignment).


I love the grandmillenial style because I have always dressed more conservatively because 1) I don’t like to show off my body and 2) my mother always taught me to keep it classy and covered up.


I am all for the midi dresses because they are pretty, and they remind me of playing dress up and I feel like I am in Bridgerton. I also love long midi or maxi Bridgerton inspired dresses because I’m tall and I walk around NYC and NYC is windy and I don’t like to flash people. 


So, this season, I will be continuing to rock my midi and long dresses in all their puff sleeve glory, but also, I will be mixing in costal grandma (as you can see by my sweater and bag).


Catch me sipping tea at The Plaza one weekend, giving you grandmillenial vibes, and then the next weekend chilling on the beach in my straw hat and stripes.

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