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I won my First Legal Argument

On Thursday, my professor walked in the room and announced to the entire 44 student class, “You should all thank and congratulate Elizabeth, she just won her first legal argument! Your assignment is now due on the 27th.”
I won! I asked for an extension for our 4-issue memo, and he gave us 10 extra days.

When he told our class, I burst out laughing and my face turned bright red under my pink mask.

The week before, we turned in an assignment that was promised to be returned to us Saturday morning. We didn’t hear from our professor until this past Monday at 5pm.

The assignment that we turned in was part 1 of a 2-part assignment. Part 2 was supposed to be due tomorrow. So barely a week to write and do research for a 4 issue, probably 30-page memo.


This professor and I started off the semester with a very nice relationship. I felt comfortable asking him a ton of questions for my past assignments and I felt very comfortable emailing him to ask to have a meeting and discuss my previous assignments and this new assignment.

He started off the Zoom call by asking how I was, I told him how stressed me and my classmates were because of this current assignment and the 3 other assignments my other professors sprung on us last week.

We then went through my past assignments, that haven’t been graded yet, and discussed how I can do better on this next one.

This assignment has four issues/claims/problems or whatever you want to call them. It is going to be a big paper. I hinted that it would really help us out if we could have a couple of extra days. My professor agreed with me and said he would sleep on it.

I told my friends and they all emailed him as well, asking for an extension; power in numbers my friends!

And then the following morning he walked in and dropped the sweetest news of the week.


So, congratulations to me, I won my first legal argument, even if it was just for an extension on a paper.


Moral of the story: become friends with your professors, become comfortable asking them questions and asking them for help and if you want something, go get it.

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