Thursday, December 27, 2018

Study Abroad Capsule Collection with Outfit Ideas

One suitcase, four months, summer, winter and fall! Challenge accepted!

2 wool turtlenecks
Wool sweater
3 cotton sweaters
White button down
Chambray shirt
Blue button down
2 knit shirts
Navy blue t-shirt
Striped t-shirt
White and black t-shirt
White t-shirt
White lace top
Navy blue tank top
Gray tank top
4 going out shirts

3 pairs of shorts
Dark wash jeans
Medium wash jeans
Black jeans
Flare jeans
Maroon jeggings
Green jeggings
Wrap skirt
Printed skirt
White jeans

Denim dress
5 summer dresses
Long sleeve dress

Trench coast
Navy blue puffer vest
Denim jacket
Black quilted jacket
Winter parka
Black moto jacket

Satin pjs
All bras
All underwear
Fuzzy socks
Cotton socks
2 sports bras
3 short sleeve t-shirts
2 workout shorts
Long sleeve t-shirt

Black belt
Cheetah belt
Baseball cap
Winter cap
Wool scarf
Blanket scarf/shall
Light weight scarf
Neck scarves
Leather gloves

Black boots
Flip flops
Cheetah flats
Black flats
Sperry classic boat shoes
Black ankle booties

Bathing suit


I ended up buying a turtleneck, navy blue sweater, long sleeve dress, flare jeans, ankle booties, and another sweater. I also bought a new neck scarf and a blanket scarf/shall while I was in France. But besides that, I didn’t buy many clothes. Rather, I saved my money for travel!


Lavender dress with pink neck scarf
Pink shorts with stripped shirt
Printed skirt with white tee shirt
Stripped shirt with printed scarf
Stripped dress with printed scarf
Printed shorts with denim shirt
Denim shirt with pink shorts

Striped shirt with flare jeans
Striped shirt with colored pants
White sweater with green pants
White sweater with red pants
White sweater with flare jeans
White sweater with black pants and black boots
White tee with red kerchief and flare pants
Chambray with blue sweater over it
Blue sweater with green pants
Blue sweater with red pants
Blue sweater with white pants
Gray turtleneck with white pants
Purple sweater with white pants
White tee with burgundy pants
White button down with red kerchief
White button down with green pants
White button down with red pants
White button down with black moto jacket
White button down with blanket scarf/shall
White button down with flare pants
Blanket Scarf/shall with denim shirt
Blanket Scarf/shall with blue sweater
Blanket Scarf/shall with all black
Blanket Scarf/shall with turtlenecks
Blanket Scarf/shall with brown sweater
Turtleneck with black moto jacket
Gray turtleneck with red pants
Gray turtleneck with green pants

I got really creative with my outfits this semester! I realized that I had so many basics that it was so easy to make simple and chic outfits. To spice it up, I would add a big statement necklace or a neck scarf!

I realized I could totally live out of one suitcase. It is possible, even for this shopaholic. By the end of four months I was tired of wearing the clothes I had, and I was ready to go home to my big closet with lots of options.
But here is proof, that it is possible to create a capsule collection!


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