Sunday, November 11, 2018

Barcelona, Spain

I can officially say that I now feel like a Cheetah Girl!
Last weekend we had four days off, so we packed our bags and headed to Barcelona!
Wednesday night, after class, we went straight to Paris, spent the night in an Airbnb and woke up at 4 am to go to Orly airport to take our 6 am flight to Barcelona!
A very long travel day and we didn’t really catch up on sleep the whole weekend, because Barcelona really is the party capital of world.
We flew Vueling both ways. It was very clean and nice. Moderately priced.

After landing we went to our hostel, Saint Jordi Hostel- Sagrada Familia, one stop away from the famous cathedral, and met up with Michelle, my best friend from high school!
I had never stayed at a hostel before and was a little skeptical, but I was very pleasantly surprised.
I rented a mixed room with bunk beds for 3 nights. It was very clean, no bed bugs and a 10-minute walk from the metro.
I would definitely stay in a hostel like that again in the future if traveling with friends!

The metro was so clean and super easy to use. We bought 4-day metro tickets for €28! It was so worth the money. We used the metro so much. The metro is open to midnight every night during the week, 3 am on Friday night and open 24 hours on Saturday! So, metro is definitely the way to go!

I know Barcelona has a reputation for pick pockets, but we didn’t see anyone get pick pocketed and it didn’t happen to us! Just be cautious but nothing to be concerned about!

After grabbing some burgers at La Tropa by Park Güell on our first day, we walked along the outside of the park for a while before returning to the hostel to check in and take a rest. We were so exhausted, and rightfully so!
We wanted to go inside the park, but you have to buy tickets and the only available tickets were for Saturday night at 5:30 pm... so we bought them Thursday afternoon for Saturday night and I waited in anticipation for my Cheetah Girls moment!

After resting a while, we made it to dinner at a pasta restaurant right next to La Tropa, before heading out for the night and meeting up with all of my guy friends from Wake!
I didn’t know they were going to be in Barcelona for the weekend but once I found out they were I was so so so excited to see them!

Thursday night is Karaoke night at the bar, George Payne, and all of Wake Forest was there! I was so happy to see all my friends and then dance the night away with them at the club, Bling Bling! The code word to get into the club for free was “oshie.”
It was a moderately sized club, nice dance floor, cool lights and super cool music!
I even ran into a guy from high school there!
All the guys wore Vineyard Vines button downs, khakis and Sperries. I opted for a lacey number, black pants and a killer pair of heels!

Every night the clubs change who has a cover charge and who doesn’t, so look on their Facebook pages and they will tell you. Also, don’t buy drinks at the clubs, they’re too expensive.

Friday, we did as the Spanish do and slept in until noon before grabbing donuts for breakfast!
Barcelona has such amazing donuts, I don’t know why, but you have to try some if you visit!
But don’t worry we walked off the donuts by walking around the main shopping area, Place de Catalunya and we went to the Arc de Triomf! Very different looking than the one in Dijon and the one in Paris.

We then walked to the “Central Park” of Barcelona, the Ciutadella Park and explored a bit before rowing some boats in the little pond. So fun!
A very late lunch at a little hole in the wall dumpling shop we found right near the park and right near the Gothic Quarter.

And the food didn’t stop there! We wanted to eat some Spanish food after a couple of non-Spanish meals, so we discovered this really cool and amazing tapas bar, La Fianna! We had the chicken quesadillas, beef enchiladas and nachos. And of course, sangria. Our first sangria of the trip and it was phenomenal.

I had another friend from Wake meet us for drinks after dinner and we went back to the George Payne bar.
Such a fun bar covered with Americans! Michelle and I ran into another kid from high school. So so funny.
After consuming another “black out tray” at George Payne, we headed to the most famous club in Barcelona, Opium!

Lucky for us, so many of our friends who are studying in Barcelona are locals now at this club, so they got us in for free through the VIP entrance.
This club was wild! Sooo many people and it was so hot. But the music was amazing, and it was such a good time! Another late night but so worth it!

It was so nice to see so many of my friends and get to hang out with all these kids from Wake. It was so many friend groups coming together and it warmed my heart.

Another late start to our day Saturday morning.
We quickly grabbed some chocolate croissants on our way to the Sagrada Familia. The famous cathedral designed by Gaudi! I was overwhelmed how big it was.
It was beautiful but in an untraditional kind of way.
We couldn’t get tickets to go inside, they were all sold out, so another thing to buy before going!

After lunch at a Greek restaurant where we devoured Greek tapas, we went back to the Park Güell! This time we had our tickets and I was able to get my Cheetah Girl shot right before the sun went down!

We continued to live like the Spanish and ate our last dinner in Spain at Momo. We had paella and sangria. Both amazing and way better than I remember from the first time I was in Spain in April, click HERE to read that post!

One of the most fun weekends I have ever had!
Next trip: Amsterdam!


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