Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Frankfurt, Germany

This past weekend I adventured to Frankfurt, Germany all by myself to visit some of my cousins!
I had only met some of these cousins one time when I was really little, and once I knew I was going to be studying abroad in Europe, I knew I had to see them again!

I took a five-hour TGV to Frankfurt from Dijon!
Trains in Europe are so nice! I got all my homework done and it was so easy and fast.
My cousins picked me up at the train station and took me out for some really amazing German food!
I had 
wiener schnitzel with the famous Frankfurt green herb sauce and the even more famous German apple wine! 
It was way better than the food I had at Oktoberfest!

Frankfurt is a gorgeous city! My cousins showed me around the small city on Friday.
I learned that it used to be the crowning city for all the kings of Germany, but now it is a huge banking town. Every major bank and consulting firm is in Frankfurt.
It is a very wealthy city with very beautiful people and expensive shopping.
Frankfurt actually has the tallest building in all of Europe and the 3rd largest airport in all of Europe.

After spending Friday with my cousins, we took the autobahn, talk about frightening- no speed limit- to visit more of my cousins on the outskirts of Frankfurt.
A very emotional visit but a very sweet one.

Saturday, we went to two castles on the outside of Frankfurt! Y’all know how much I love castles (read my Val de Loire blog post here!)
The first castle was in Hannu and is in the home town of the Grimm brothers!

The second castle was a medieval castle on top of the world!
I had a beautiful panoramic view of the countryside and the town that was down below it.

What a beautiful country Germany is! I am so glad I got to visit a second time and that I actually got to see the country as a posed to just drinking away my time in Germany like the first time I was in Germany three weeks ago at Oktoberfest.


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