Friday, September 28, 2018

Host Family and Transportation in Dijon

ZARA blue chambray off the shoulder dress | Mango denim jacket | Tory Burch double pearl earrings | red bandana | Sperry classic top siders | RayBan classic aviators 

I have officially been living with my host family for two weeks now.
I live in the suburbs of Dijon, about a 15-minute bus ride to the center of the city.
My host parents are very warm and fuzzy unlike the stereotypic cold and rude French.
My host mom is a twin, just like me and loves to sing just like me as well.
They have three older daughters and four grand kids.

We have family dinner just about every night! I thoroughly enjoy eating dinner with them because it helps me with my French and I get to teach them some English too!
They are very sweet and helpful! They even edited a writing project I had to do, because French grammar is close to impossible.

My host parents have a cute little cat named Tiger who loves to give me kisses.

And how could I forget, my host parents are SO PREPPY! Omg!
They were the perfect match for me. My host dad always wears gingham and a sweater tied over his shoulders and my host mom is always in navy blue and white. They are both so preppy and classy except when I tried to explain to them what preppy meant, they had no idea what I was talking about... it was fun to try to explain it to them! I used Ralph Lauren as my point of reference!

So that’s my home life, now let’s talk a bit about transportation.
Most of my friends and me took it for granted how lucky we were to live on campus at Wake and walk 5 minutes each day to breakfast, lunch, dinner and all of our classes.
We live in a city, so that means public transportation!
Fortunately, living in NY and taking the subway and the Long Island railroad, I am not shy from mass transit, however some of my friends were and still are having a bit of difficulty figuring out the transit system.
Thankfully I have my New York brain and my New York sense of direction and common sense that I was able to easily figure out taking the bus for the first time very easily.
The bus and the tram-way in Dijon are very easy, clean and reliable.
The bus is a bit annoying, but I really like Dijon!

I have learned a lot about myself already from studying abroad and I can’t wait to continue to learn and grow these next three months!

This is a good transition outfit! 
I know I look like I’m wearing a potato sack, but I don’t know what to wear anymore!
I am trying to work with my “capsule collection” but it is hard!
I am going to post a blog post all about my capsule collection at the end of my study abroad time and show you how I made it work! 
But for right now, here is my ZARA potato sack with a little denim on denim and a pop of red!


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