Monday, February 29, 2016

Sadie Hawkins Day

I've been looking at life in a different perspective recently, including looking into the mirror, as you can see by these photos. LOL
This is going to get really personal....For over 4 years now I have never really been truly smitten by a boy. I have liked certain boys here and there for a short time and then have realized, I need to focus on my studies so I can get into a really good college. I have always been so focused on school. I never really had time for boys. But now that second semester of senior year is here, I have relaxed a bit (I went to laser tag on a weeknight last week, I know very rebellious!!) and have really started to enjoy myself. And that means even just talking to boys in more than just a friendly way. For once in my life I have actually gone after a boy this time. I have texted him first and, in the spirit of leap year/Sadie Hawkins Day, I even asked him out on a date!!! I know, I'm going a little crazy. But I'm enjoying myself and making the most out of senior year!
I also have come to the realization that I can't care about what people at my school think. I have always been very confident and have never really cared about others opinions of me, but I have always been scarred of dating at my school because I go to such a small school. But, as Elsa would say, I'm just letting it all go without a care for what anyone thinks. 

As you can see by my short sleeves, it is getting warmer here! It's the last day of February and it is 50 degrees and sunny! I'm not ready to wear shorts yet but I am certainly ready to ditch the wool scarves and sweaters. 
I normally wouldn't wear a short sleeve shirt with a fur vest, but I think this outfit really works. I am playing with a lot of different proportions here. I also have a lot going on in this outfit, but it all works because I have on black, navy and white, the most neutral colors ever. 

Vest: H&M long black/blue faux fur vest (similar)
Shirt: J Crew white tee with black bow (similar)

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