Thursday, December 24, 2015

Candy Cane Tournament

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Yesterday at school we had the Candy Cane Tournament which is a volleyball tournament where we have senior teams compete against each other and raise money for an organization.
My team was "SETflix and Chill." It's a joke! It's suppose to be Netflix and Chill, which is apparently what all the cool kids say theses days! And SETflix because it's like setting the ball in volleyball. Get it?? Get it?? And on the back of our shirts we all had tv shows! (I had Gossip Girl on mine!!!)
Unfortunately my team lost in the first round to a team we thought we were going to beat, and it was kinda embarrassing. Also, my friend Joe broke his glasses playing... so there was that. And the team that won had three varsity volleyball players on it so we weren't that surprised that they won!

Well Merry almost Christmas! Another blog post will be up soon about my Christmas Eve outfit!!


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