Monday, October 19, 2015

Spirit Week: Baller Day

This is a very strange post for me. When do you ever see me in sneakers and basketball shorts? NEVER!! Well, except today for baller day.
Since I am in high school we have our spirit week this week, which leads up to homecoming on Saturday!
Because I am a senior my entire grade makes up silly days to dress up to and these days are different from the underclassman grades. So it's really funny and entertaining!
So today was baller day and we dressed up like basketball players. 
Because I am not a "baller" I had to invade my brother's closet and take all of his basketball clothes, because he actually is a baller. 
Here is just some silly photos of my friends and I dressing up.
I thought it would be cute to share!
The only items that are mine are my sneakers and sports bra which are both from Nike.


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