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12 Best Restaurants in Winston-Salem

After 3.75 years of living in Winston-Salem (am I still salty about not being able to finish my senior year?) I have tried just about every restaurant in town.
You guys know me well, so you know I am such a foodie.
What is funny, is that when my mom dropped me off in small town Winston-Salem to start my freshman year, she wished me good luck with trying to find any kind of good restaurants.
I proved her wrong!

Here are my 12 favorite restaurants in Winston. I cannot wait to go back and eat at them all again!

1.          The Porch
This is every student’s favorite restaurant in Winston. This was one of the first restaurants I went to freshman year, and I have been going back ever since. My favorite dish is the Naked Porch Burrito Bowl with steak. It has queso and roasted peppers, rice and deliciousness.

2.          Milner’s
This is one of the highest ranked restaurants on Trip Advisor. I think my mom and I went here when she moved me in freshman year, but I’m not sure. But I know that every time my parents come and visit this is where we go. Our favorite dishes are the Moravian Cookie Crusted Salmon, the crab cakes, the sweet and spicy calamari, and the shrimp and grits. Oh, and you cannot forget about the chocolate torte for dessert.

3.          Crafted
The best tacos I’ve ever had. My favorite is the Big Truck. It is a pulled pork taco with mac n’cheese and fried onions on top. I am salivating thinking about it.

4.          Mary’s Gourmet Diner
This is another one of my mom’s favorite restaurants. We try to go every time she’s in town. This is our favorite breakfast spot. I love the French toast with a hot chocolate.

5.          Spring House
I have only been to this restaurant once, and it was just this past semester for Valentine’s Day. But that shows that it must have been pretty good if it’s on my top-12 list. For starters the ambiance of this restaurant is superb. It is a historic house, from the tobacco tycoon era, that has been transformed into a beautiful restaurant. Each room has a different style of furniture and décor. I will be returning when I can go back to Winston.

6.          Yamas
Another Wake Forest student’s favorite spot. This is a quick grab and go kind of place. Think Chipotle, but Mediterranean style. I get the grain bowl with rice, gyro, French fries, tahini, humus, takizi, red peppers, feta, and whatever other fresh toppings they have.

7.          Mozelle's
Another restaurant that I have only been to once but that I will be returning to! This restaurant is SO small, that it is impossible to get a reservation. There were maybe 20 tables. I went to celebrate a birthday in the fall. I loved the southern food. I had scallops with a glass of Kir Royal, a drink we had all over France.

8.          Jeffery Adams
This is another restaurant that everyone takes their parents to during parent’s weekend. I’ve been with my parents and my friend’s parents! Another very delicious restaurant in the heart of downtown Winston. I usually get the beef tenderloin risotto.

9.          De Lisio's
I have been to this restaurant twice. This is the best Italian food I have ever had in Winston. The chef/owner is from Italy. So, you can imagine how fresh the pasta and sauces are. The problem with this restaurant is that they don’t take reservations, and it is very small inside. So, the two times we’ve been, we’ve had to wait.

10.       Cugino Forno
Best pizza! Again, the chef/owner is from Italy, so this pizza is amazing. All of the ingredients are imported. This restaurant is like a typical New York pizza shop. Very casual. The restaurant, which looks more like a warehouse has long picnic tables. The only kind of pizzas you can order are family sized. So, grab 6 of your hungry friends and go to town!

Sad to say, another restaurant I only went to once. I went in the fall. It is a very small restaurant with really delicious fresh southern food. I had a really good glass of sangria with the salmon.

This is the cutest little restaurant in Reynolda Village. This is a crêpe shop. I was very skeptical of eating crêpes in the US after living in France, but I was so pleasantly surprised. These crepes were delicious, filling, and took me back to France!


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