Wednesday, November 30, 2016

One Good Thing About Rain

The one thing that was good about the torrential down pour yesterday, was having all the beautiful red leaves fall to the ground.
Back home we don't have trees with as vibrant of leaves as these. And honestly, the pictures don't do it justice.
They are a bright crimson red and absolutely stunning.
The bad part about all the rain yesterday, is that I got soaking wet. I was prepared with my rain boots, but left my rain jacket in my room, and thus after French, my hair got soaked! 
I had to blow dry my hair!

I guess another good thing about the rain was that I got to wear my pink wellies. And come on, don't these just brighten up your day? They are so fun and everyone should have a pair.
And look how cute they look with my pink and gray Weiner dog sweater?! So cute!
I was also sporting some new jeans yesterday!
These are my new favorite pair!
Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, and my last favorite pair were from American Eagle, and I had them for like 4 years. And over time they got really stretched out and discolored, and were no longer tight on my legs anymore, they looked kinda saggy. 
But these new pants, also from American Eagle, fit me perfectly again. I think they are actually the same pair as my old ones, but just updated, with a tighter fit and more stretchy. And look at that perfect blue color! Ah, I'm in love with them!
They are so comfortable and I got them in tall, like usual, and they are just perfect. They are the perfect length and fit for my body type!
And honestly, every body type. I have never heard of someone not fitting into American Eagle jeans!
Highly recommend, 10/10!!!
(And P.S. I went down a size! So thank you Wake Forest campus, for being so big, that I have to walk everywhere. Thank you for giving me a room on the third floor, and for having a quiet study space on the 6th, 7th and 8th floor of the library. Thus, I walk and climb a lot.)

In speaking of going down a size, I do have to say I have a slight food baby from being home for 5 days. So I have done some serious working out.
Like last night, Katie, Kristin and I went to Bodypump. 
It was a very different and cool workout class. We used weights on a barbell while doing squats and other strenuous exercises. 
It was a really good workout, and I literally had to waddle my way home from the gym last night....

And after that I got to sit and do some serious gingerbread house decorating.
My nephew, Jack, texted me and was like, honestly, how old are you? Aren't you a little too old to be decorating gingerbread houses?
And I was like nahhhhhhh!
Except I guess maybe I even just looked like a 5 year old with my Weiner dog sweater....
It was fun and Alex and I made one together, that successfully stayed together with the icing and then one that I made myself, didn't.... 
But you win some and loose some!
I have never made gingerbread houses using icing to hold the walls together. My mom just always used hot glue, so we couldn't eat them obviously, but so they would stay together. But Alex actually got them to stay with icing, except for mine, because the roof was just too heavy....

Sweater: J Crew Weiner dog sweater (other animal sweaters: otters, penguins, and fox)
Necklace: J Crew statement necklace (similar)


Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Break 2016

Thanksgiving break was so short and so tiring!!
I had so much fun seeing all of my friends and family but it was exhausting!

On Wednesday, I surprised my niece Ava at her 2nd grade Thanksgiving Feast with my sister. Then my sister and I went out to lunch and caught up. I had family dinner that night with my parents. 
After dinner, I went over my sister's house and saw the rest of my nieces and nephews, and we watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I have never seen that movie in it's entirety before, and it was pretty funny.
I got home around midnight and my good friend Jack, who goes to school in California, called me and picked me up! We hung out until the late hours of the morning, only for me to get up at 10 am on Thanksgiving day to watch the parade!
My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving morning, is to watch the Macy's parade.
It was kind of boring this year. The performers were all kind of dull and bland, and there were no big name performers.... So it wasn't the best parade I have ever seen.
And then my brother and I watched the annual dog show, right after the parade. 
Normally we don't watch the dog show, except we had a cesspool problem, so no one could shower... so we were trying to kill time!
We had a very chill Thanksgiving!
It was just my grandparents, my brother, my parents and I. 
I honestly didn't really eat that much at dinner, but probably because I was still stuffed from all the bagels and pizza I had the day before!
And then for desert my sister and her family came over, and it was a crazy house yet again!
On Friday, I had lunch with Giorgia and sushi with Soap for dinner. And I didn't go Black Friday shopping!
I have never gone, and I know, that surprises everyone because I am such a shopaholic, but I just have no desire to go! It seems too overwhelming and just crazy!
Saturday was my busiest day of the week. I got my nails done at 11 am with my mom, which was such a waist of money because all my nails are chipped, literally a day after getting them done.... I then got lunch with Justine, picked up Dominique to watch the BC v. Wake football game... which we lost!!! We should have won!!! I then went to Tory Burch with my sister for some "Black Weekend" sales, and got a new bag! You may have seen it on my Instagram. The bag is my "I need to get a summer internship" motivation. 
After that quick trip, I ran over to Erin's house for 20 minutes to say hi. Then had another family dinner. I picked up Marykate for ice cream and then literally almost fell asleep on the couch. But then had Joe pick me up with Dan and we just drove around town.
And then on Sunday....

We had a family brunch.
I got to see my Goddaughter and all my other nieces and nephews. And it was just nice to see everyone and hang out for a bit.
I ate some good food, finished packing and that was that!
I left my childhood home for my other home, Wake Forest!

Outfit details:

Thanksgiving outfit: 
Shirt: H&M off white lace shirt (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch cheetah Reva flats

Sunday Brunch/Travel outfit:
Shirt: Joe Fresh white and blue stripped shirt with lace
Boots: Vince Camuto brown riding boots


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Outfit Idea

Another outfit shoot from Monday with Alex.
I love these pictures because I think you can really see how curly my hair was! It was day three of curls and they were still looking amazing!! 
So thanks Kristin for your magical curling powers!!

For this shoot I was thinking in advance of what I or others can wear for Thanksgiving!!!
It is cold here in New York, but it was also cold/is cold in North Carolina, so I settled on a sweater with red pants. 
This color combo just screams fall to me!
Very casual, and I will definitely wear this outfit to class, but also dressy enough for a family party!
I think a sweater with some colored pants and a statement necklace is perfect to wear for Thanksgiving!
So just an idea, for anyone that needs some inspiration!!

Necklace: statement red and gold necklace
Shoes: Vince Camuto brown riding boots

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