Tuesday, August 30, 2016

FDOC 2016!!!

Today I had my first day of classes, or commonly known as FDOC!
I got up bright and early at 6:30 am, had breakfast and then walked to my first class of the day, Calculus! Woo!
As you may know, math is not my strong suit but the professor seems really great and hopefully I will understand the concepts! I also met two more twins in the class! It's so funny that I keep meeting twins!!
Right after math, I killed a half an hour and ordered some textbooks, 6 to be exact, yep fun! I rented most of them off Amazon, so they were cheaper than buying them from the bookstore or what not.
I then had probably my most interesting class of the day, which was my first year seminar, Night at the Museum! It's a really cool class where for our final project we get to create an exhibit at our school's museum! And every Thursday we go on a field trip to a new museum! I'm really excited for this class, and I may or may not have told everyone about my blog in that class....
I then ventured to French 212! There were so many upperclassman in this class omg. But it really wasn't that intimidating. And I felt really prepared for the class! Like I knew a lot of French compared to some of the kids! So I guess that's good! And I could tell the French teacher knew I knew my stuff. So hopefully it will be a nice relationship and a good class!
I then had a nice lunch break and then I was onto my first year experience class! Ooo sounds fancy!
It really wasn't. It was with my advising group taught by our faculty advisor and it is just teaching us skills to succeed in college!
And then I was done for the day!
I blogged with Ashley yet again and now I am finishing up and then I will get some work done!
Just a lot of classes and information today! Lol so now I literally have 2 planners- one that shows all my classes and the other of all my homework! 
I know I'm CRAY!! But I can't help it!!

Here is my super cute outfit for my first day of college classes!
The whole campus was covered in pastels, Vineyard Vines and J Crew today! It was so cute!!

Here is my outfit:
Dress: J Crew pink a-line dress (similar)
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle (similar)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat-eye Wayfarers in tortoise shell (similar)


Last 2 Days of Orientation

Sunday night
Kristin and I at the soccer game


Sunday was more orientation events, but a lot I got to skip out on because I didn't read a Project Wake book. So it was nice I had all day to just kind of chill and relax before the soccer game that night!
We had a free dinner at the "Taste of Winston-Salem." There were food trucks and booths from all the local restaurants! It was so yummy and free!!
The Deacs won the soccer game!! Woo!!!
I have to say at the soccer game I was feeling kind of lonely and a little sad. Like there was this big group of other freshman behind us and they like already had a group of friends!! And I was like wow, I literally have maybe 4 good friends right now, and there was like 12 of them. So at that moment I felt kind of sad and lonely. And then I texted my parents and friends and they boosted my spirits. And then my friend Kristin and I forced ourselves to be social and go talk to some guys who were from the same area as me! So that was really great! And got me out of my funk!
I really wanted to roll the quad again, but the toilet paper from the previous day was still on the trees.
After that we went to another fun frat party! And, fortunately or unfortunately you decide, I did not run into my RA at this party. 

Outfit for the soccer game:

Shirt: Joe Fresh orange tank top (similar) 
Shorts: J Crew white linen shorts with black embroidery (similar)

On Monday, I had another packed day of orientation. I had an individual advising session with my student advisor and faculty advisor, which went really well. I finalized my schedule and am taking 17 credits this semester. Which is kind of a lot. But two of them are health classes which are each only half a semester and I have a pass or fail first year experience class that will be easy. So I'm not that worried, because after all I am an overachiever!
My roommate and I then met up and we went to a meeting with the Office of Student Engagement. And heard about leadership opportunities and clubs. It wasn't that informative through... so I don't know.
We then went to a global programs meeting and heard about studying abroad. Yet again, all information we already knew. 
After lunch with some friends, Ashley from (My Well Dressed Ash) and I took some outfit pictures, and then I went to meet some of my teachers at the department open houses. 
At 3:30 everyone got super prepped out and we went to convocation. Where all the deans of the school wore their graduation robes. We heard from the president of the school which was cool and the student body president. Next, we wrote a letter to ourselves that we will receive senior year about what goals we think we want to achieve by then. It was kind of sentimental and really dramatic with this beautiful piano playing in the background. 
Last night we had Pros v. Joes where my hall paired up with a boys hall and competed against the other halls in all these silly but completive activities. Like volleyball and dragon tails (where you connect yourselves in 2 lines and run around without letting go of the persons shoulders in front of you and have to grab the other team's flags.) We did really well, but we didn't win.
And then I was jumping down from this 7 foot maybe 8 foot wall and fell flat on my ass. It hurt so bad and I made a fool out of myself. But whatever!
And no I didn't go out and party last night because I had class this morning at 8am!! I know! I am officially a college student! I will talk more about my first day of class in the next blog post!

Monday's outfit:
Shirt: J Crew orange and white shirt with tulip sleeves (similar)
Necklace: sterling silver monogramed pendant (similar)


Sunday, August 28, 2016

We saw our RA AGAIN at a Frat Party

So yesterday, I had another busy day!!
Orientation has been crazy!!! It's been so much fun but crazy!
I started off the morning early at 7am! I got dressed kinda in the dark, but it was all good, it was really good practice for classes starting on Tuesday, because I have 8am classes and my roommate doesn't have classes until later in the day. So I'm going to have to get dressed in the dark and do my makeup in the dark as well, but it will all be good!!
I grabbed breakfast with my fellow blogger friend Ashley, from My Well Dressed Life, yesterday and honestly the food isn't too bad!!
We then went to a pre-law meeting, and it was a tad bit overwhelming not gonna lie, but long story short I just have to get good grades to get into a good law school.
I then met my student and faculty advisor and the kids in my group. The meeting was very over whelming, there was a lot of information!! So in my group, one of the guys is also a twin, so we have that twin bond and him and a foreign exchange student thought my blog was so cool! I was so flattered!!
After that we had another event, "The Making of a Demon Deacon," on Hearn Plaza in front of Wait Chapel where we got our pins for graduation. (I thought I lost mine just now, but now I remember I put mine in my makeup drawer! Oops!) The student body president swore us in or whatever. And then we had a picnic on the plaza with all of our parents. It was super hot out, but we were able to find a nice shady spot under the trees, which we rolled (with toilet paper.) After every sports win, everyone rolls the quad, to show our support for the school. Duke did it to us as a joke years and years ago and we just kept it! 

My mom came back to our dorm, and brought my roommate and I food for our fridge! It was so sweet of her. 
Pictures of my dorm will be on my Instagram (@tallandpreppy)
We said goodbye, because she flew home last night. I didn't even really get a chance to cry because I had events I had to go to, such as sex ed classes and diversity things, I honestly don't even know what they were but they were boring. 
We met with our advising group for dinner at a sandwich shop a little ways off campus. And then we went to the "Spirit of Wake." We learned the fight songs and all the other campus traditions like Wake n' Shake and other ones that I don't remember!
Late last night another friend and I went to a frat party. This party was way more fun than the other one the night before. So we squeezed in a pledge car with these guys that we didn't know too well, but it was fine, and ended up at this super super fun frat. It was less gross than the other one, and the music was so much better so I was able to dance more!! And this time I wore denim shorts and a shirt I didn't care about. My white converse are trashed and my legs were covered in frat sludge.
I actually met up with some guys from home at the party last night! It was so great to see some familiar faces and just to hang out with guys I knew! My friend from the advising group was also there with his roommate and it was just a good time. And because these guys are such gentlemen they walked us home, well we all live in the same dorm, but they walked back with us and then we hung out until 3 am. I had to take a shower at 3 am because I was gross. Frat parties are nasty, but so much fun! Highly recommend!!!

Shirt: J Crew gray shirt with beaded neckline (similar)
Shorts: J Crew pink linen pull on shorts (same type)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat eye Wayfarers in tortoise shell (similar)


Saturday, August 27, 2016

College Move In

I moved into college yesterday!!
Look how beautiful my campus is!!
I can't believe I'm here at college. I feel like I am just at summer camp!
And so far I am loving it!
I have to say moving in was very stressful, and I was really overwhelmed because our room was just covered in my stuff. I brought 6 suitcases from home and then picked up my pack n'ship from Bed Bath and Beyond. My mom and I also stopped at Target, Walmart and Costco. So good thing my mom rented a big SUV. Because when she dropped my brother off at college, they got a FIAT and there was literally no room for any of his stuff, so his roommate who lives in the area had to take some of his stuff for him. 
My roommate and I really clicked and are having a great time so far.
My roommate and my mom and I went shopping also! We got some food, and a side table and some fuzzy rugs!
We also went and learned about some clubs and organizations on campus. Also resources on campus such as the library and writing center and about fun group fitness classes that we are definitely going to do to avoid the freshman 15, or according to Peter the freshman 50!! 
Last night we went out to a frat party, got beer spilt on us, lost our hearing, sweated profusely for hours and took an uber home! Lol, our RA was actually at the same frat party we were and she saw us and it was so awkward!!
So we survived our first college party! Woo! 

I can't believe I just told you all of this. But this blog is also a journal for me!

I am so excited for the rest of my college career!!

Here is my super cute outfit that I got super sweaty in and had beer spilled all over it. But it is all good!! Next time I go out I'm wearing crappy shorts and a shirt! I did wear white converse to the party though instead of my Jacks.

Shirt: J Crew navy blue t-shirt (similar)


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Transitioning into Fall

Ahhh I know, no one wants to talk about the weather getting colder!! 
But as I head off to college in 3 days, EEEEKKK, I have started to pack and have thought about how I am going to transition my outfits from the summer time into the fall. 
This outfit is one perfect example. 
A long sleeve light gingham button down, with shorts and sandals! Come on how preppy do I look? And look how great that arm candy is!!
Still summery because of the bright color shirt but also appropriate for chillier days because the shirt is long sleeved!

A fellow blogger, Sarah Rose and I collaborated on this post, and she is also showing you other great ways to transition your summer wardrobe into the fall! 
Check out her blog, Simply Sarah Rose, here to get some great DIYs, outfit ideas and ideas to relieve chaos!! 

Shirt: J Crew light blue gingham button down (similar)
Bracelet #2: Hermès clic clack H bracelet in light pink and gold


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Times Square and Broadway

Last night I went into NYC with my parents.
Now that my brother is off at college, I have my parents to myself (thus all the attention on moi!!) lol Hahah

So last night my mom and I met my dad at Becco in the theater district of Manhattan for some delicious pasta, wine and cannolis. 
After our delicious dinner, my mom and I made our way to the Palace Theater to see An American in Paris. On our way there we had to walk through Times Square. 
I have never been a big fan of Times Square I think it is kind of overrated, sorry, but I have been going to the city my whole life. It is also extremely crowded. There is all this construction going on. They are making all of Times Square a pedestrian mall permanently and they are taking out the roads. So there won't be any taxis or whatever going through Times Square. So it is normally really busy and crowded but because there is construction it is even more crowded. And honestly Times Square is kinda gross. There are all these people dressed up as characters that try to pick pocket you if you take a photo with them and the costumes are also just filthy. There are also half naked men and topless women with body paint on their breasts. I'm sorry, if you like that, but I personally think it is gross and unsettling. And also Times Square is a big terrorist target. Sorry, but it's true!
But anyway, on our walk to the theater, which was a very long walk because the address on the ticket said Broadway except it wasn't on Broadway, I got pooped on by a pigeon. 
Pooped on.
Because, I'm me and very dramatic, I screamed in the middle of Times Square.
Luckily it didn't get on my Hermès bracelet or my dress or my bag or my hair. But still it was disgusting. Luckily, my mom (a former Girl Scout) comes very prepared and had some hand wipes, so we were able to clean my arm. But I felt like I was going to throw up after that!
Yeah, I know it's supposed to be good luck but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it!! 

My mom helped clean my arm and then we finally found the theater. 
We had rear mezzanine seats but they were perfect. We were able to see the whole show perfectly! And let me tell you, this is my new favorite show. OMG! It was amazing!!! It is more of a ballet than a musical but omg it was one of the best shows I've seen. The music is amazing, the dancing is phenomenal and the love story is envious!! It is right up there with Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera! If you haven't seen it, you must now before it closes! 
If you didn't know, I was involved in the theater department in my town since I was in 4th grade. So theater has always been a passion of mine. The last show I did, was The Man Who Came to Dinner. I hate memorizing lines but I just love performing. I was so envious of the performers last night, because I loved being in their shoes! And I am kinda burnt out from performing because my last director kind of killed the fun in it for me. But after seeing this show, I think I might have to continue to perform in college! I don't know!! I also took 7 years of dance, 5 being ballet and after watching that show last night, I think I might want to start it up again. I forgot how much fun it is and how beautiful ballet looks! But we will see what the future holds!!

Dress: J Crew purple dress (similar)
Bracelet: Hermès clic clack H bracelet in light pink and gold


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cipollini Pronto and The Americana

Another day of "see you later!" 
Erin and I caught up for lunch today at Cipollini and then did a little Americana shopping, as usual!
And said our farewells, because I only have 5 more days home until I leave for North Carolina!!
Again, another bitter sweet day! But I will be home in September! Sorry Erin! You can't completely get rid of me! (That goes the same for all my nieces, nephews and siblings!)

Look how cute Erin looks today!! And look we both have pom poms!!
Erin- I am going to miss you so much next year! Best of luck! You know I am only a phone call or text away! Love you!! 

I sported all of my new favorite jewelry today! My Hermès bracelet, Tory Burch double pearl earrings and my new Bijoux by Delphine choker! 
(I know I have so much jewelry on today!)
I didn't think I could actually pull the choker look off, but I think I can! The choker I'm wearing is the Elle choker in white and I think it is so feminine. It has a little pearl on it and it is just so preppy!
 Delphine is actually one of my former classmates and is such a sweet girl! We actually had chemistry class together two years ago, and she seriously helped me out, and laughed at all my jokes. :) She hand makes all of these beautiful jewelry pieces and has a envy worthy style and blog! Everyone should go check out her blog, Delphine Du Jour and her jewelry website, Bijoux by Delphine

Erin's outfit:
Shirt: Zara off the shoulder cream top with tassels (similar) (similar)

My outfit:
Shirt: Gap black tank top (similar)
Shorts: J Crew light pink linen pull on printed shorts (pull on shorts)
Bag: Cole Haan blue color blocked satchel (similar)
Pom Pom: Baublebar teal pom pom (similar)
Bracelet: Hermès clic clack H bracelet in light pink and gold

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