Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tour Guide E!

You are looking at one of the newest tour guides at WAKE!!
Apparently, after a very selective process 30 students were selected out of 100 applicants to be the new tour guides on campus!!
Our official name is "Ambassadors in Admissions!"
I love it!
I have always wanted to be a tour guide.
At every school I saw, my mom would always say that I would be perfect as a tour guide!
I can't wait to meet prospective students and get to BRAG about my amazing school!!!

I think this outfit would be a perfect "touring" outfit!
It is super casual, comfortable (except the shoes) and cute!
I just got these new "trendy" casual sneakers/walking shoes because I have to wear closed toed shoes for biology lab...
I can wear my boat shoes, or regular sneakers, but I just really wanted an excuse to buy a cute new pair of shoes!
Yesterday was the first day I wore them, and wow that was a mistake.
The blisters on my heels are MASSIVE from these shoes!
So I didn't even end up wearing these shoes to bio lab... I had to put on my Sperry's.
They need to be seriously broken in!
But other than that, I think they are so so so cute!

J Crew pink lace t-shirt
large faux pearl studs


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Summer Ins't Going Anywhere!!

Summer isn't going anywhere in my eyes!
I probably wore one of the most summery outfits I could to class yesterday!
And don't think I'm stopping anytime soon!
With tomorrow predicted to have a high of 90 degrees, the shorts are going to continue!

I think this shirt can be a really great transition piece into the fall, which probably won't happen for me until it's December...
I think this shirt can look cute with jeans or my burgundy colored pants!

The warm weather makes me so happy considering I am swamped with homework, projects and tests, especially this week!
I can't believe I said that I was bored in the beginning of the school year....
I have a group project due tonight, a test on Thursday, study abroad fair today, quiz on Wednesday, hit the bricks on Thursday and date function on Friday!! Oh wait there's more! A home football game on Saturday!!

J Crew gold tassel earrings


Friday, September 22, 2017

The Famous Dress

Another beautiful day in North Carolina!

We had our WFU Style dinner two nights ago out at this restaurant downtown called 6th and Vine! It was nice, we got to eat dinner outside!
 I was a going to wear this dress but then I remembered that as a club in our group chat we all made fun of this dress because literally everyone has it. There is even a tumblr page dedicated to making fun of this dress...
Click HERE to read the page! 
It's very funny!

So instead of being ridiculed by my whole club, I just decided to wear it to class, where I knew less people would judge me!
I tied a little bandana around my neck and called it a day!!

Zara blue denim off the shoulder dress (similar)
red bandana 


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bio Major??

I know that my parents and family will be very excited by reading this title- thinking that I am going to be a biology major now and become a doctor, but before everyone jumps to conclusions- let me explain...

I spent more time yesterday in the biology building than I ever have.
I went to my bio professors office hours in between chorus and French.
He didn't know my name, which is expected considering it's a pretty big lecture class.
He did recognize me though because he said apparently we make really good eye contact during class and he always notices me because of my good posture and that I'm not falling asleep....
A little creepy but nah because he reminds me of my grandfather.

So I introduced myself and I prefaced that I am not a bio major, but I am in this higher level bio class because a couple of friends recommended it to me, but rather a poli-sci and French double major at the moment... 
He responded by saying, "Well you're not a bio major yet!!" Key word: yet...

So we went over some questions I had and then I ran to French class after tending to my bio lab experiment- I had to water some radish plants.
And then after eating lunch at 3 pm after French, I made my way back to the bio building and pestered him with more questions.
My bio prof is really cool. He is like a REAL scientist. And I know he has to be, but like not really!
But this guy is legit! He studies on the Galápagos Islands every summer and does research! I think that's so cool!!!
And I think he is a great teacher. His classes are always very interesting and I really enjoy all the readings he recommends.

I think biology is very interesting!
But I don't think I'm going to be a bio major anytime soon...
So sorry Dad! Your dreams of me being a doctor are slim to none.

I can pretty much predict that I am definitely not going to be a biology major. But with that being said, I don't know what I want to major in anymore!!
I'm really confused!
I really enjoy politics and French. But I also LOVE English and communications.
My problem is that I have always been the kid to LOVE every subject!
Growing up, I could never pick my favorite subject in elementary school, because I didn't have just one! I loved them all.
I find that trend yet again here in college...
I would love to quadruple major if I could!! But I obviously can't.

So good thing I have an appointment with Academic Advising tomorrow to help me figure out my life or at least try to help me figure it out!!

For a confused college student I think I still pull together a pretty cute outfit!

sterling silver monogrammed pendant


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Summer in September

It is finally getting warm again in North Carolina after Hurricane Irma!
 I am trying to embrace the warm weather.
My outfit was so summery yesterday and I think I got some death glares from it, but I loved it.
I'm trying to wear all my summer clothes, like my 16 pairs of shorts, before it starts getting chilly.
So maybe yesterday I should've worn darker colors and maybe long sleeves with shorts but it was 80 degrees in the afternoon!!!
I did wear my denim jacket all day, except for these pictures. 
One of my suite mates actually said to me, "you really love that denim jacket don't you?" And yes, I really do!
I wear it every day because it is a great layering piece and it LITERALLY goes with everything!
It feels like summer and it looks like summer so I'm gonna keep dressing summery! Sorry!

Zara high waisted printed shorts
Vince Camuto brown and gold studded sandals 


Monday, September 18, 2017

2 Parties in 2 Days



Every two years Wake has President’s Ball the night before Homecoming. P.S. We WON our homecoming game against Utah State! 
So this Friday night, I got all dolled up with all of my friends and went over to the Joel Coliseum for the ball.
The WHOLE school went, I have never seen so many people I don’t know before in one place. There were also as some alumni there.
There was a live band, a huge stage, lots of food and lots of good music.
Kelly was my “date” for the night!
We got ready together and even wore matching outfits, unintentionally, but I have to say we really looked RED HOT!
She borrowed my earrings and shoes and we definitely turned heads at the ball.
It was so cool to see the whole school there. Everyone was so dressed up and looked so nice! It was like prom or homecoming. It was so fun and I can’t wait to go back again in 2 years for my senior year!
Kelly and I danced until the wee hours of the morning and then went to bed.
I slept about 5 hours and then got up at 6:15 am and took an Uber all the way to Charlotte airport.
I got on my early morning flight, attempted to nap, and then landed in Newark, NJ.
My parents picked me up, gave me the NY bagel they brought me and we made our way down to Smithtown, NJ for my cousins wedding!!
I did my mom’s makeup, dolled her all up! 
I then got settled into my big room, all by myself because my twin brother had a big rugby game that he couldn’t miss, (they WON), and got all ready again for another party!!!
Again, I danced the night away, this time with my parents and grandparents watching… and had a wonderful time!!
The venue was so pretty but I think my mom looked even prettier! :)
I loved the ceremony space, it was outside and overlooked a pond.
And then inside was so pretty too, the flowers were gorgeous and it was a kind of a shabby chic, rustic theme.
I again danced the night away with all of my cousins and was in bed promptly at 11pm.
I got up relatively early Sunday morning, had breakfast and then my parents dropped me off at the airport on their way home. :(
So a very quick turn around. 
I was in NJ for 25 hours…

The past two days were definitely a whirlwind!
I had so so much fun at prez ball and then I had so much fun at the wedding.
Two parties in two days, two amazing dresses and two amazing events!!

I have always been a HUGE fan of ASOS.
I get all of my occasion dresses from there. 
I think they honestly have the BEST selection, best prices and best quality.
The dresses just always fit me so well and always look amazing!
All my ASOS dresses I wear time and time again, because I love them all so much and because they are so classic!
So of course, for my two big events this weekend I wore ASOS dresses.

Friday night, I went RED HOT, in this little red lace number from ASOS.
I felt so sassy and fierce all night.
It was such a hot dress!
I loved that it was short sleeved and covered up on top, but the waist line was cut out. I also loved the little ruffle like detail and short hemline. Paired with nude pumps, my legs looked like they went on forever!!

Saturday, I went a little more sweet and sophisticated with another lace ASOS dress. It is a muted grey purple color. Again the waist line was cut out, and this time so was the back. But the sheerness was very sophisticated because the dress was tea length.
The dress hit right at my shin and looked so elegant.
The dress had a bit of cleavage but it made up for the fact that the dress had a big skirt.
I paired the beautiful dress with strappy nude pumps this time and big pearl earrings. 
I also tied my hair back, which was a bit out of the norm for me, but I loved it!


Friday, September 15, 2017

Homecoming 2017

Since I won't be here for actual homecoming, I had a little homecoming celebration last night with the newest alum from my lineage, my great grand big!!!
She graduated in May from Wake, and it is so weird being on campus without her...
She was known by everyone on campus and is so smart, determined and strong.
My whole lineage from KD caught up last night over dinner at The Porch where we shoved our faces with queso and guac. 
It was so nice to see her and I am going to get to see her again tonight at President's Ball!!!
I am so so so excited to wear my dress and dance the night away!
I practiced some of my dancing last night at ballroom dance club. I plan to show off all my skills on the dance floor tonight! GET READY!!

So now that the sun is out again, and it feels like SUMMER, I am fully embracing it!
I am still wearing white pants and I am trying to wear all my shorts that I brought down with me!
Next week is supposed to be HOT and I can't wait to wear all my summer clothes. lol
Speaking of summer clothes- this shirt is brand new and is one of my "back to school" pieces I bought, and yesterday was the first day actually nice enough to wear it!

oversized faux pearl earrings
Tory Burch navy blue espadrilles
Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses in tortoise shell (similar)

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