Thursday, April 16, 2020

How I’m Doing Long Distance: 10 Ideas to Stay Connected with your Friends from School during Quarantine

After spring break, I thought I was going back to Wake to finish my senior year. The shock came to me when I was sitting on the beach in Belize. I was devastated that I hadn’t said goodbye to any of my friends, except those on the cruise, and that I didn’t know when or how I’d see them again.

I got back home and was trying to take online classes and find some sort of my old routine in the new normal. 
And that’s when I figured it out: act like you’re at school with a set schedule and adapt a bit! 
That means still eating lunch with your friends and still going to chapter and still working out with them!

These are all the things I’ve done over quarantine to stay in touch with my friends and keep our friendships strong and like we’re still at school!

1.     Zoom Lunch Dates/Dates- every day of the week! It is a great way to socialize and eat, just like you would at school or work. It is also a great excuse to stop working, and escape from your family for a bit! Make a schedule with your friends. On Tuesdays, my suite and I eat lunch together. I eat lunch with Lauren on Wednesdays and with Erin on Fridays. Or you can do a date with a lover via Zoom or happy hour with friends. I’ve done it all!

2.     Writing Letters- I love a hand written note! I ordered 200 bright cards from Amazon for $15 to send to my friends to say that I am thinking about them and that I love them and miss them. So far, I have written 30 letters and they have been sent all over the country. I’ve gotten the sweetest texts from my friends saying how much they love them and how they have made they’re days, which makes my day!

3.     Chapter Zoom- I loved going to Kappa Delta chapter every Monday night. I loved seeing everyone and hearing about everyone’s lives! It was so fun. My chapter just started doing virtual chapter and it is such a nice way to be all together again. After chapter, my lineage and I would usually eat dinner together, but because we are not together, we are continuing the tradition and doing a FaceTime call after chapter to catch up!

4.     Weekly Phone Call Dates- Every Friday, Joe and I go on a walk in the afternoon, in our respective towns and talk on the phone. You made time to see your friends at school and hang out with them, why can’t you do the same at home?!

5.     Trivia Crack- Carly, Alex and I have been battling it out on the app Trivia Crack. It was a really popular game a couple of years ago, but it is a great way to test your knowledge, learn something and be a little competitive.

6.     Game Pigeon- On the theme of games, send your friend a Game Pigeon game via iMessage. This was Joe’s idea! Him and I have played, connect 4, battle ship, dots, pong, mancala. You name it, we’ve played it virtually!

7.     Netflix Party- I actually haven’t tried this one yet, but I plan on doing it tonight. There is a Google Chrome extension you can download so you and your friends can watch the same movie or tv show on Netflix together and comment on the show via a chat box.

8.     Ship- Name a better time to start flirting with a new boo than during quarantine! @daniellecarolan introduced me to this app, Ship. This app allows your friends to swipe for you! You can be single or in a relationship to participate. The single friend sets up a profile and then invites friends, aka me, to help find potential lovers for them. I have found lots of matches for my friends so far, and it is so fun. Especially, for those of us, that have never experienced swiping for themselves on a dating app. This is great for a laugh and another way to stay connected with your friends all over the country.

9.     Workout Challenges- Kate and I decided to do Cassey Ho’s 30-day ab and butt challenge. (I am currently 3 days behind… OOPS!) But this has been a super fun way to get in shape with a friend. It’s like we’re going to the gym together but not! This is a great idea for accountability, if you need someone to motivate you to get fit.

10. Throwback Photos- Alex and I have been sending each other throwback photos every couple of days so we can be reminded of our relationship and all the fun things we have seen, done and experienced together. This is another simple yet effective way to show that you are thinking of someone and that you miss them.

Let me know which ideas you use!


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