Thursday, November 30, 2017

White Pants Way Way Way after Labor Day

Last year I was a fan of white pants after Labor Day, and I am here to share with you more white pants after Labor Day this holiday season!
I wrote a blog post last year about it click HERE to read it!

I have never worn my white jeans with brown boots before and I have been meaning to for years. I think it actually looks really good and is a nice contrast.
It makes the white look less bright.

Ashley and I found this cute door with a Christmas wreath on it, which is so festive and in the spirit for Christmas, except it so doesn’t feel like Christmas because I didn’t even have to wear a coat all day yesterday because it was so warm.
Maybe the warm weather is making me less in the spirit for Christmas as well...
If you haven't read my last blog post about lacking holiday spirit click HERE!

Gotta love those North Carolina winters!

scarf from Les Galleries Lafayette in Paris
Vince Camuto brown riding boots
Michael Kors gold Blair watch


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Lacking Spirit

Thanksgiving is over, Cyber Monday was yesterday and it's supposed to feel like the holidays!
The two big Christmas trees went up on campus yesterday (I could see them setting them up from my window with a big fork lift) and the lights around the trees on the quad were put up a couple of days before break!
So campus is starting to look like Christmas but it doesn't feel like it!

I even pulled out a faux fur vest, which I only really start to wear when it gets really cold, which is around the holidays. 
It's not that cold and I'm not into the holiday spirit yet.
Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am usually so excited for it but I am not excited yet. 
I have no desire to listen to Christmas music yet or decorate my room....
Hopefully once it turns December 1st I will feel a bit more inclined to be in the holiday spirit! Or maybe after Love Feast on Sunday I will feel all warm and fuzzy inside! That's how I felt last year and then I was so excited for Christmas! This Love Feast will be different from last year because I will be performing with Concert Choir! We will be up on stage in Wait Chapel performing in front of 2,000 people! So crazy but I'm really excited! My mom and grandma are even flying down to come experience the festivities! 

I'm not wearing skinny jeans! Are u shocked? 
I never thought I would really ever wear these pants because the only pants I wear are my high waisted medium wash jeggings from American Eagle!
Speaking of American Eagle- they have wonderful customer service! Honestly, if you have an issue, give them a call, they are wonderful!
Back to my pants- I kinda like the straight leg jeans! I think with some heels they would look really great!
I saw a friend wear a similar outfit with flared jeans and a tight t-shirt and a fur vest and I was like oooo I likey.
So I brought these pants back from home because I knew I wanted to wear this outfit!
I don't think this outfit would look good with skinny jeans. It would be too many tight items. It's all about balance between tight and loose items in an outfit!

I have had this fur vest for years and I still love it! It's a classic! You can literally wear it with anything and it spices up any outfit!

Delias gray fur vest (similar)
Tory Burch black Reva ballet flats
Tory Burch double pearl earrings
Van Cleef and Arpels vintage Alhambra pendant


Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Relaxing Thanksgiving

Every other year we host Thanksgiving and this year was our turn.
As per tradition I got up at 9 am to watch the Macy's parade in NYC on TV.

And then we started a new tradition and went over the my sister and brother-in-laws house for a hugeeeee breakfast!
Peter and I went over in our pjs and stuffed our faces.
I was so full I wasn't even that hungry for Thanksgiving dinner!

I wore this super pretty dress from Zaful for the Thanksgiving festivities!
I paired it with black tights to keep my legs warm and also my parents redid my bathroom and I couldn't find my razor....
This dress is so flattering with the a-like skirt and the sleeves are a perfect length for my very long arms.

I didn't do any Black Friday shopping yesterday in stores. I had no desire to do it. I've heard that it's always too crazy and I was too tired. But it's okay Zaful always has really great prices whether on Black Friday or not!
Zaful is having a big sale right now! Go check it out HERE!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, happy and healthy Thanksgiving weekend!!

Tory Burch black Reva flats
Tiffany pearl studs


Thanksgiving Eve 2017

I’m home!! 
I’m back in NY for four days and then I go back to my home away from home- North Carolina.
NC has become my home.
It makes sense, I spend 9 out of 12 months of the year there.
And I love it! But New York will always be my real home <3!

I have to say it’s hard being home. I feel very out of the loop of all the drama and just things going on in my hometown. I miss seeing my friends and family when I am away but at the same time it’s hard being back at home because I feel very out of the loop and that more than half of my life is in NC now.
It’s really hard to balance my life in NC and my life in NY.
I don’t think I’m doing a very good job of it.
But at the same time I think I am also really growing up.
Sadly, I am not as close with some friends from high school as I used to be and its because we are all changing and maturing.
And it’s really difficult to see that change.

I did all my homework that is due Monday and Tuesday last week so I can try to enjoy my time at home with family and friends.
This short break is too short and too rushed! And honestly stressful!

The other day, I got to catch up with my two best friends, George and Mitch at a favorite spot of ours.
It was a quick bite and then we were off to run errands and see more friends later in the evening.
It was too short of a time seeing them and it was really hard to see them because I miss them so much when I am away from them and also it is hard to see them because our lives are so different now that there isn’t as much that we can share as we used to.
I’m kind of emotional about it.
I love my friends and I want to keep them in my life forever but it’s just really hard, and I think they feel the same.

Here is my cute lunch outfit!

Francesca's ruffle sleeve sweater
American Eagle high waisted skinny jeans
Tory Burch black Reva flats
Tory Burch double pearl earrings
Michael Kors medium Selma bag
J Crew Paris scarf


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fall Colors

I'm starting to get anxious to go home for the holidays. 
My friend told me that her friend at some school up north has finals right now and then they are on vacation from Thanksgiving all the way until the new year! 
That's crazy! And I wish that was me!
We get five days off for Thanksgiving and then we have school for two weeks and thennnn it's Christmas break for a month, but really only three weeks because we have sorority recruitment!!!

The end of the semester goes really really fast!
The holidays are almost here and I can't believe it! 
We are signing Christmas music in chorus and we are getting ready for Lovefeast which is the first weekend in December. There are workmen hanging lights on the trees on the quad and it is starting to feel like winter! 

I'm so anxious to finish all my homework so I can enjoy my short time at home over Thanksgiving!
But at the same time, it's really hard to do all my work because I'm really starting to check out! Oops!

I am so excited! It is one of the best campus traditions we have!
You can read about my first Pitsgiving from last year HERE!

The temperatures in North Carolina continue to drop and the leaves continue to fall!
I think I found the prettiest tree on campus right in front of Campus Grounds, our student run coffee shop here on campus!
I love the bright color of my sweater and the leaves!!!
I think these pictures came out so pretty!!
Also, lol but I thought this sweater was red not a reddish-orange color... So heads up when you order this sweater!
 Orange is not my favorite color and I think it is a quite hard color for most people to wear.
But I got a lot of compliments yesterday on this sweater and I was told that I can really pull this color off!
So thanks guys!! :)

I loved that I wore cheetah printed flats with this orange sweater. You know that I love cheetah print because, guess what- it's a neutral!!
I think cheetah print really complements the orange/red/whatever you want to call it, sweater really nicely!!

Tory Burch Cheetah Reva flats
Tory Burch double pearl earrings


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Can't Get Enough

I have a new addition to my RUFFLE collection!!
 I am in love with this gray t-shirt dress from Zaful! I love this dress, it is actually pretty warm and super comfortable! Zaful is so great because they have the most adorable styles for really good prices!
Zaful is great for trying out new trends and styles without killing your bank account! This dress was under $20 and it will look great in the fall and spring!
P.S. Zaful is having a HUGE SALE right now!
So go check it out!!

I now have three items all with the same ruffle sleeves!
I have the shirt that started it all from H&M! (Read that blog post HERE.) I am so glad I bought that shirt last spring.
And then I have my sweater from Francesca's! (Read that blog post HERE). I am obsessed with it and I am definitely doing to bring it home over Thanksgiving break! 
P.S. I go home in a week from today! I can't wait!

Do you know how everyone has their signature item or look in their wardrobe? Like for my mom it is silk scarves and for my friend Grace it is anything with tassels. Maybe ruffles is my thing!?
I just can't get enough of them!

Zaful gray t-shirt dress with ruffled sleeves (similar)
Burgundy stud earrings 


Thursday, November 9, 2017

L's and W's

(Losses and Wins)

It has rained every single day this week= L
Men’s soccer team beat Clemson and we are going to semi finals= W
I took a really hard bio test today=L
I heard that the accounting quiz was impossible=L
It’s Thursday, which mean’s tomorrow is Friday=W
I have a French quiz and religion test tomorrow and I have to study=L
Men’s season opener basketball game is on Fri night=W
I'm going camping this weekend in the woods in a tent=W and L 
I had round 1 of registration for spring semester last night=W
I got three packages today! =W
Fall foliage=W
New clothes=W
Blog post=W
CUTE OUTFIT (see links below)=W
Great friends=W

Grand total of 5 L's and 11 W's.
As rough as this week has been, it apparently hasn’t been too rough!
Be positive!
Have a great rest of the week!!


Michael Kors gold Blair watch
J Crew bracelet


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall WOO!!

Welcome back friends! (I should also welcome myself back...)
I was just telling Ashley, my photographer friend, from My Well Dressed Life, yesterday that I don't remember the last time I did a blog post... That's embarrassing and sad.
We both have been super busy lately.
And as pretty as the season is right now, the weather hasn't been so nice; lots of rain and clouds... :(
So that's one of my excuses for being MIA... and now onto a life update from yours truly!

It is finally looking like fall down here in North Carolina, all the leaves are almost all off the trees. The colors are so vibrant. 
I am obsessed with the season right now but, sadly it reminds me how pretty home is right now. Fall in New York is stunning and I miss seeing it. 
I haven't been home in months and I feel really disconnected from family and friends from back home. I feel so out of the loop. Last year I was still getting all the dirt and drama of home, but this year I'm not and I feel a little left out, not going to lie.

But I'm living in a different bubble. Sophomore year is much different than freshman year. 
It is going by quicker and it is much busier. 
Sophomore year is definitely harder in different ways than freshman year.
I am in the "swing of things" so I'm not really adjusting to classes or work load, but rather I am adjusting to changes in friends and other social parts of my life. I talk more about feeling sad and not very social in my post Sophomore Slumps! Go read it!!
Update: I am definitely getting out of the slumps! This week, I made plans everyday for dinner and lunch with friends that are very very sweet! And I am putting myself back out there and meeting lots of new people! I even went to a fraternity date function on Saturday night and met a lot of nice people!

It's getting into the holiday spirit down here; Christmas decorations are going up at shopping centers around Wake and we have started practicing Christmas music in Chorus!! 
It's hard being away from family and friends at this time of year.
I'm really ready to go home.
I'm not home sick but I'm just ready to see all my siblings and the rest of the family.
And my house!!
My parents are redoing the kitchen and both the upstairs bathrooms and all I've seen is the updates through FaceTime!

I am excited to go home but first I have a lot to do down here in North Carolina!!

More fall outfits! WOO!!
I wore this skirt for Thanksgiving last year and to class, only once...
Read those blog posts HERE and HERE!

I'm not really a big skirt person, so I don't really wear skirts that often.
They aren't as flattering as dresses and they RIDE UP LIKE CRAZYYYY!!! (Especially with a backpack on.... OMG)
But this one I think is super cute and pretty easy to style with simple accessories!

J Crew burgundy wool skirt
Vince Camuto brown riding boots
Tory Burch double pearl earrings

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