Thursday, July 30, 2020 / East Hampton, NY 11937, USA

East Hampton Girls Trip 2020

My favorite trip every year is our annual girls trip out to East Hampton.
This year was especially fun because I am finally 21, turning 22 next week, but finally, I can drink during the summer!

So, on the theme of me finally being able to drink, we started off our weekend at Duckwalk Vineyard on Route 27, Montauk Highway.
We did a wine tasting. The wine was okay. It didn’t have much flavor to it. I thought the wine at Del Vino Vineyard was more delicious. We did devour a whole bag of potato chips with the wine, which made up for it. I can’t remember the last time I had potato chips.
We then drove the rest of the way to East Hampton in bumper to bumper traffic down Route 27 and made it to Michelle’s house right in time for dinner.
We had pesto pasta and roasted cauliflower.
We shared some stories and drank some wine outside under the stars before bedtime.

Saturday morning, we went to the BEACH! My favorite summer activity. We spent the whole day basking in the hot sun before going to dinner at Harbor Bistro. We also took our annual photo in front of the hydrangeas. 
This is my favorite restaurant that I’ve been to out east. We shared delicious seafood appetizers and a bottle of sparkling rosé. We obviously didn’t have enough rosé because we went home and made some frosé! You can watch my “Yummy” highlight on my Instagram to see how we made it.

Sunday was another extremely hot beach day. I finished my book and started another one. Giorgia and Michelle took naps. When we got home from the beach we played in the pool for a bit, like little children we are. We had another pasta dinner before heading on the road, back home.

This is always my favorite weekend of the summer. I am so glad we got to do it again this year despite the current situation of the world.
Same time, same place, next year?

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020 / Oyster Bay, NY, USA

How I Make Money as a MicroInfluencer

When I say money, I should really say, pocket change, or nickels and dimes.
I consider T&P a part-time job, a low paying part-time job that is, but that’s okay with me!
This was a highly requested post, so I thought I would lay it out for you to show you exactly how I make money as a microinfluencer.

1.          Commissionable links: this is the biggest money maker for me. Any link that I share that is through Reward Style gives me a small commission when someone purchases something from my link at no charge to you.

2.          Paid posts: these are not super common for me, but still a great way to rake in some dough. Usually a company reaches out and says that they will send product and payment to post something on Instagram.

3.          Commission through individual companies: These are rare, but I have a couple of companies that I work with that give my followers a promo code or a link, at no charge to you, actually a discount to you guys, and I make a small commission when someone purchases something from the link or when they use the promo code.

4.          Product/service in exchange for a post: I know this isn’t really income into my bank account, but I count it. This is most of collaborations I do. The amount of money I am sent in clothes and jewelry saves me a lot of money.
For example, these photos were taken by a photographer that didn’t charge me anything, but simply requested to post and tag him in the photos. Also, this dress was gifted to me in exchange for a post.

I hope that explains how I make money. If you have any questions, please let me know!


Thursday, July 16, 2020 / 2000 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954, USA

24 hours in Montauk Travel Guide 2020

My boyfriend and I ventured three hours east to Montauk, New York, “THE END,” this past weekend.
I spend a weekend in the Hamptons every summer with Michelle and her family, but I haven’t been to Montauk, the furthest town on Long Island, since I was going into my sophomore year of college when I visited with my previous boyfriend.

Alex and I drove out East late after work, in the pitch-black dark amidst tropical storm Fay.
We passed a car accident between a deer and a little suv on the curvy roads of Montauk Highway.
We arrived at my brother’s house in Montauk around 10 pm. 
We got settled in, or so I thought, because I locked us in the house. I locked the broken top lock of the door and it was completely stuck. The next morning at 8:25 am the handy man came and changed the lock. Oops.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, Alex and I ventured to Camp Hero State Park, which is on the way to Montauk State Park, where the lighthouse is.
Camp Hero is an Air Force base that dates back to WWII. Parts of the base are still standing. It was $8 to park which is also honored at Montauk Point State Park with the lighthouse.

We walked around Camp Hero and then got in the car and drove to the satellite and saw the barracks.
We took pictures and did a quick costume change before taking the quick drive to the adjacent Montauk Point State Park.

We decided not to pay the $10 to go into the lighthouse museum because the physical lighthouse wasn’t open to climb. 

But we did walk around the base of the lighthouse on the ocean side and watched 60 surfers catch waves after the tropical storm. I have never seen so many surfers before. It was so cool.
We then headed into town for coffee, for Alex, because I don’t like coffee, and sandwiches from Herb’s Market.

Parking to go to the beach is a bit tricky in Montauk unless you are a resident and have a resident pass. So, most of the parking is just two hours, and they DO ticket. 
It wasn’t really a beach day, so two hours was all we needed. We parked, grabbed our sandwiches, chairs and sunscreen and walked to the beach. It was nice to just sit and relax.

We had cocktails and snacks back at my brother’s house and then went to Navy Beach for dinner. Alex and I met Michelle and Jenny there.
The food was delicious, but expensive. We looked out over the Long Island Sound as we ate our seafood.
It was a very young and fun crowd.

We got back from dinner and went straight to bed. 
We left the next morning at 7 am. We stopped and got bagels from Goldberg’s on the way, but by 7:30 we were on the road.
Alex had a flight out of LGA at 11:45am, so leaving at 7:30 am was our only option so he could get back to Chicago in time for virtual work on Monday.

We had such a fun little trip. I love Montauk and I am looking forward to the next time I can go out there.


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A Dress a Day for a Week

I saw a couple of bloggers do a challenge like this with wearing a dress each day for a month. I decided a month was too long, so I chose a week. I like dresses anyway for the summer, so it wasn’t too much of a challenge.
I should do this in the fall or winter, that would be a real challenge. What do you think?

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Making Masks Fashionable: What I Wore for a Week Working Retail

I thought this would be a fun blog post! Here are all my fashionable mask-wearing outfits for this past week. Ya see, wearing a mask is fashionable! So, you have no excuse not to wear a mask.
All the links to my outfits are at the bottom of this post.

Click here to see what I wore on Monday.



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