Thursday, July 28, 2016

So Long Farewell

Tonight we had our Girl Scout end of the year celebration! (Yes, I was a Girl Scout, and yes we sold the best cookies ever!)
We are officially done with Girl Scouts. Woo!!!
(But not really because I'm a lifetime member now....)
I loved being a Girl Scout. I was given so many amazing opportunities and had so many great experiences. I was on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, The Couch, I sang with the Girl Scout Chorus at Citi Field, The Nassau Coliseum where the Islanders used to play, and I got to sing On the Mall in Washington, D.C.! The coolest opportunity was being selected to be on a Girl Scout cookie box! But my favorite part of Girl Scouts was just hanging out with friends and learning how to be a strong, independent and powerful young woman. 
I started Girl Scouts when I was in the 1st grade and I am so glad I stuck with it all these years.
My mom was my leader since I was a Brownie and continued with me for all these years!
As geeky as Girl Scouts was (as I got older), it is a great organization, and I highly recommend for every girl!

(Yes that's me in the orange shirt!)

So for our last Girl Scout meeting/end of the year/peace out Girl Scout party, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and just hung out for hours. All of our mom's came and they drank and had a good time. While we drank virgin mojitos and we hung out. It was so nice to see my friends, some who I haven't seen since graduation!
The restaurant is very trendy and pretty much a bar/club on one side, so of course we stayed away from that side, but did take pictures in the super cool co-ed bathroom! Like look how cute the pictures came out!

Look how super long my legs look, if you don't mind me saying! I love playing with proportions. The hemline of my romper is super short but it is a very high neck so it is a nice balance. Thus it's very classy and appropriate. And then nude shoes just make anyones legs look miles long! These are 4 inch wedges, but like I've said before, you tall girls need to rock them and work it! Strut girl strut!!

Today, I'm featuring Sophia! We haven't seen her on T&P in a while, and ya know my friends miss being featured on the coolest blog ever after a while!

My outfit:
Romper: Shoptiques pink romper (similar)
Shoes: BCBG nude cork wedges (similar)
Bracelet: Forever 21 gold cuff (similar)

Soap's outfit:
Dress: off the shoulder floral dress (similar) 
Necklace: gold multi-chained necklace (similar)
Shoes: Zara brown and rope wedges (similar)


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Same Pair of Pants: 2 Different Occasions



Like every other woman out there we are constantly running around from the wee hours of the morning until the wee hours of the night. 
We go from work, to family, to a workout, to date night or a night out with the girls.

I am so busy sometimes, I feel like I never have a second to myself to scroll through Instagram let alone change my outfit completely for a night out!
That's why I feel that if I have a great pair of basic pants on, (like my favorite white jeans from Gap) I can quickly change up the accessories, take my hair down and run out the door for a night out on the town.

As Betabrand says, "From casual to dressy, workwear to performance wear, our always-comfy women's pants are available in a wide range of fits, colors, and fabrics... we have the pair of pants that will amplify your unique lifestyle."
Betabrand has a wide collection of super comfy pants that helps make the transition from day to night or anywhere in between. 
Here is a pair of the coolest pants ever, that can easily transition from day to night. (And are like wearing leggings!)
Here is another pair that seem super comfortable and such a great idea! Like who doesn't want to wear yoga pants to work??? 
 Betabrand has some more pants that are sure to make transitioning from day to night super easy!  


Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Dock pt. 2

Throwback to my second ever blog post where I talked about "Dock Life" and how to be a preppy "dockster". Well I guess I should tell you the truth, I wasn't really a "docker" until I started dating my boyfriend and visiting at him during his dock shifts and/or going out on the water in his boat. 
And most of those photos, eeekkk were taken in my backyard, not even on a real dock!
Well I guess the truth is out....
But these photos were actually taken on a real dock, I swear!

Let me tell you, we had a hard time dealing with the wind and the sun.
But I think the photos turned out well!

I haven't worn these shorts in a while, so I thought I would pull them out.
These shorts are so cute they have little pictures on them. For example, there are little stick figures, palm trees, badminton rackets, and just other cute illustrations.

The heat index was also 102 degrees yesterday, so I needed shorts that were really light and breathable. And these linen shorts from J Crew are perfect!
They are very stretchy at the waist and are super comfortable.
I have 4 pairs of J Crew's linen shorts and I highly recommend them!

Shorts: J Crew pink linen shorts (similar)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban tortoise shell cat eye Wayfarers (similar)


Thursday, July 21, 2016


Quick question:
Is my shirt blue or periwinkle?

Hmmm I say periwinkle!
My shorts have blue and lavender in them and my shirt is a mix of the two aka periwinkle!

I haven't really been blogging like crazy lately.
Sorry. But I've just really been enjoying my summer and getting ready for college.
I have done some dorm shopping but I'm flying down to North Carolina so I can't bring too many big items via plane.
I'm just bringing down pretty much my clothes and bed spread and that's about it!
Under bed storage and other big items I have to buy when I get down there. 
I'm kinda worried about how I'm going to fit all my summer clothes into my small closet at school! 
And that's the other thing, I don't even know if I'm going to have a closet because I haven't gotten my roommate or dorm assignment yet! I have to wait until August 1st!
Until then, I don't think it will sink in that I'm going to college.

Back to my periwinkle shirt and floral shorts:
I honestly think I have worn these shorts once. 
It's not that I don't like them or they don't fit or anything. It's because I have 14 paris of shorts.
Why do I need 14 pairs of shorts???
Good question!!
I have come to the conclusion that I have a serious shopping problem. 
I am a shopaholic. 
When I was unpacking my suitcase from Florida, I realized that I have wayyyyyyy too many clothes.
Don't get me wrong I have a huge closet so that's not the problem, and it's not busting at the seams, it's just I have too many clothes!
That's why I haven't worn everything in my closet on this blog yet even though I started it over a year ago!
I just have too many clothes and too many cute outfits to wear.
Maybe I should just change 3 times in a day and maybe then I will wear all the clothes in my closet....
It's something to think about. Lol

Shorts: Banana Republic lavender and blue floral shorts
Bracelet: C Wonder pink "e" initial cuff (similar)
Bag: Cole Haan blue color blocked bag (similar)


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

White Out

Back track: I am overly paranoid about getting sun burned. 
I have only had one bad sunburn in my entire life, two years ago during February break, and I peeled so bad.
That was the only time I peeled and I will never let that happen again!
Because of being paranoid of getting sunburn I usually seriously lather up in sunscreen.
This vacation I didn't for a change and just did my arms and chest. 
And not only did I not get sunburned but I got a really really nice tan.
Probably the best tan I have ever had! Or so I thought. 
And it makes sense that I got a nice tan because I am of Italian and Greek descent.
But I'm also German and therefore I don't tan too well. And that was apparent to me when I saw my Irish and German boyfriend with a BETTER TAN THAN ME!!!!
Not fair!!!!
So yesterday when I went over his house for dinner, I made sure to wear a lot of white (hence my white outfit) to make myself appear even tanner than him!
I don't know if the classic trick worked, but it was a nice attempt.

I really wanted to take pictures outside but it was a torrential down pour and these hydrangeas looked so pretty! They even matched my shorts.
Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of my shoes, but I am wearing my white Jack Rogers.
But let's be honest you don't need to see my severely bruised and hyper extended pinky toe, it's not cute. (Go read how I did that here.)

Shirt: J Crew white eyelet shirt (similar)
Shorts: J Crew white and pink flowered 3 inch stretch shorts (similar)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Pom Poms

How is New York hotter than Florida??
Good question!
Yesterday after I landed my boyfriend and I went out to dinner and grabbed some ice cream (because it was national ice cream day!)
And of course I had to bring my new pom pom bag along!
Isn't it so cute?!
It is such a statement piece.
This is actually the same outfit I wore on the plane coming home from Florida. You may have seen it on my Instagram (@tallandpreppy). I just took off my hat, threw on my favorite gold cuff and filled up my new bag!! 
My boyfriend's dad joked that my bag looks like an arts and crafts project that a kindergartner made! But hey, come on it's so cute. 
I told him it's fashionable and trendy and that he wouldn't understand! lol
It's a statement all in it's own and it makes any outfit super fun and bright. 

Top: J Crew orange tank top with ruffle (similar)
Bracelet: Forever 21 gold cuff (similar)


Friday, July 15, 2016

It Wouldn't Be a Trip to Florida Without....

It wouldn't be a trip to Florida without some shopping at the outlet mall!!!
I didn't get too many things because it's very in between seasons and the stuff for back to school isn't really out yet.
And not for nothing the kids here in Florida don't ever really wear fall clothes! It's usually too hot!!
And in North Carolina next year I won't really be wearing fall clothes for a good couple of months, because it's also really hot down there.
So I just got some new green linen shorts and a multi patterned one (because I really need more J Crew shorts...), a stripped dress and a light blue gingham button down

We also stopped at Target and I got my new planner! I am so excited!
I am really into planning and staying organized.
Actually in middle and high school my school planner was my life.
Like I had to have it on me at all times.
In middle school a couple of times some friends, to be funny, stole my planner and wouldn't let me have it the whole day.
I pretty much died. And it wasn't that funny.
I got the Day Designer planner from Target.
I know there is also the non Target version but that is like $50 and up and I need to see if I like this first before getting a really expensive planner.
I really like this one because it is hourly. So I can write down all of my college classes each day and what clubs meetings I have and everything.
I hope I like it as much now as I will when I'm at Wake Forest in the fall.
And come on it's also so cute and preppy!!

It was super hot yesterday especially to be walking around outside in an outdoor shopping center.
My mom counted our steps on her Fitbit and we walked over 2 miles and burned lots of calories. 
I like to wear something cute yet easy to change in and out.
This is the perfect outfit and I have worn this several times here on my blog.
Here is my favorite time when I wore this outfit: Shakespeare in the Park

Shirt: Joe Fresh basic orange tank top (similar)
Shorts: Joe Fresh high waisted bright patterned shorts (similar)
Bracelet: Forever 21 gold cuff (similar)

P.S.- You can see how dedicated I am to this blog, because as I started writing this my computer was dying so I was getting up to go get my charger and I stubbed my pinky toe really really badly on my coffee table. So badly that it is hyper extended and super swollen and I can't walk, but look here I am still typing away with an ice pack on my foot. 


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What A View

Well because Facebook royally screwed up and now EVERY SINGLE one of my private Facebook friends now knows about my blog, WELCOME to my blog!!

Oh what a view!!
I love waking up every morning when I'm here in Florida and looking at this view. 
It's so stunning and especially when we get a good sunset.
Last night, my family and I went upstairs to the 18th floor, for dinner with family friends.
They are from Italy so we had a traditional Italian Sunday dinner and the food was delicious.
We're on the 7th floor here and the view is gorgeous but the 18th floor was beautiful too!
Such a different perspective of the beach!
I took a photo and put it on my snap story but I some how forgot to save it! Oops!
But the view is spectacular and you can see the whole beach!

Here is my absolute favorite blog post, I think the pictures are absolutely stunning, good job mom!!

This is my favorite maxi dress and you would know that if you read my 1 Year Anniversary of Tall and Preppy post, click here, if you haven't read it. 
You can see its the same dress but in different colors.
I love the purple but I also love the salmon (@jack, yes it's salmon!)
It makes you look super tan and is just very pretty!


Monday, July 11, 2016

Welcome to the Family!!

Meet Maximus!!
The cutest little member of our family! Sorry Zoe! If you have no idea who Zoe is click here.
He is 6 weeks old and a Rottweiler.
Isn't he such a little mush!??

Throwback to where I took the same pics with my friend the dolphin last summer, click here

My shirt: J Crew navy blue short sleeved eyelet blouse  (similar)
My shorts: J Crew 3 inch stretch pink and white shorts (similar)
Sunglasses: Ray-ban cat eye wayfarers in tortoise shell (similar)


Ok well shoutout to Giorgia and Michelle for calling my bluff....
This isn't my new puppy.
I never lied! I said he was the newest member of our family and he is! 
He's my brother Mark's puppy!
My brother lives in Florida and came to visit us and he brought along the newest member of our family! 
My brother is part of our family and now so is the puppy!
Sorry if I got all your hopes up!!

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