Monday, April 30, 2018


After months and months of planning and being stressed for Kappa Delta’s Spring White Rose Formal, it is all over.
I hosted formal on Friday night at the Millennium center in downtown Winston-Salem.

I planned the photo booth, the chocolate fountain, the photographer, the tables with green table cloths and white roses, and stuffed the 250 goody bags (with some help from my friends)!
It was a lot of work and as stressed as I was, it was a big success and overall, I really enjoyed planning it.

I wanted to make formal the best event ever for the seniors, because it was their last KD formal.
I also wanted to make it the most extravagant event ever because it was my last one as date function chair. I wanted to go out with a bang! I think I did!

I know all of the seniors had so much fun!
I know they all appreciated my hard work in planning formal because I got so many compliments all night about it and even after it.
They loved the food and the decorations and especially the photographer!

It was a bittersweet formal.
I was so happy that all the seniors had so much fun but kind of sad that it was my last formal as date function chair.
Date function chair was very stressful at times and also not fun a lot of the time, but I really enjoyed being in charge and planning the parties. (Click HERE to read my complaints but my love for my role as date function chair.)

It was nice that I got to enjoy myself at formal! I really did have so much fun!
I was the least stressed I’ve been at any date function all year.
I got to dance with all of my friends AND I had the sweetest date who wanted to help me hand out the goody bags!

It was also so nice that I got so many compliments on my dress!
I loved the color and the style! It was a big hit!
I found this dress a couple of months ago and I tried to order it several times but it kept going out of stock, so one day before class, I just checked and there was an 8 in stock, the only one LEFT! So I bought it super quick. So the dress was a bit big because I am a very solid size 6 but fashion tape definitely helped a lot!
This dress definitely requires fashion tape/double stick tape.
If I didn’t have any tape, I would’ve flashed a lot of many people. 
So, I would 10/10 recommend Hollywood Fashion Secrets tape. It stayed in place the whole night without having to put more on or restick it.

I would also 10/10 recommend these shoes from Public Desire!
They are so easy to walk in because of the short chunky heel.
They do not hurt your legs because of all the straps I promise.
I was going to order these shoes in black but I thought black was a bit boring! I love the orange because it is more fun! It makes the dress more interesting because the dress is so simple.
These shoes are such a statement, I'm sure they will look great in the summer when I'm in the Hamptons, New York City and Italy!!

Formal was a big hit! I had so much fun and I can’t wait for next spring formal when I don’t have to be in charge because I know I will have even more fun then!!


J Crew gold hoop earrings


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Final Countdown of Sophomore Year

Yesterday was the one-week mark until the end of classes.
Stress is high and so are feelings of exhaustion, eagerness and sadness as this semester comes to an end.

I am exhausted. I had a busy and fun weekend (click HERE to see my Saturday night) but it tired me out. I require a lot of sleep and I was only able to get a lot of it by sleeping in until 2pm on Sunday… 
I haven’t slept that late since high school.

I am also mentally stressed out and exhausted. 
Although it is the last week of classes before finals, I still have a lot of assignments due and I had a test yesterday, which didn’t count as my final.
I can’t even think about finals with all the work that I still have to do this semester.

Adding to the stress of school work, I have formal tomorrow, Friday the 27th.
I am so excited, which is part of the reason I can’t sleep, but it is also a lot of pressure, to make sure everything is confirmed, and everything is ready for Kappa Delta’s White Rose Formal. 
I have been working extremely hard and (losing sleep over it) so I hope it is the best formal ever!

I am stressed because I don’t officially have a job yet for the summer... 
But I am trying not to stress because I know it will all work out.

I am eager to go home and see my family!
I miss my grandparents, my siblings, my nieces, my nephews, my parents and of course my friends. I am eager for summer, sleep and relaxation.

But then I am sad.
On May 11th, I will leave Wake for seven months and then will return in January as a second semester junior.
That is crazy, and I haven’t really wrapped my head around it. 
I am sad to be leaving my dream school for a very extended period of time.
Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited and also nervous for Dijon (click HERE to read about my study abroad plans) but I am also really sad that I will be away from my home away from home, Wake, for a long time.
I am sad that the seniors, some who I am very close to, are graduating. 
And I am sad that my second year at Wake is coming to a close.

Another sad part of this week has been that a freshman Alpha Delta Pi, Maggie, passed away early Saturday morning.
Her passing was of natural causes.
I did not know her, but I have been told she was a sunshine on campus.
Her passing has deeply saddened the Wake Forest community.

So, lots of sadness but also lots of happiness!
There is formal, graduation for the seniors, summer, friends and abroad all coming up very quickly!!

J Crew orange printed shirt
Gap tall white skinny jeans
American Eagle denim jacket
Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum
Large faux pearl studs


Monday, April 23, 2018

Another Night, Another Sorority Formal

I had the honor and privilege of going to the Delta Zeta formal on Saturday night with my best friends.
After taking my friends to several Kappa Delta date functions it was nice for the favor the be returned.

Formal took place at Millennium, in the same room that our Kappa Delta formal will be next Friday night!
It was really cool to see how DZ’s formal will differ from mine.

I have been working really hard on my formal.
I have booked the buses, booked the venue, paid for the food, the photo booth, the photographer, the linens, the flowers and all the decorations. 
I am ready to go!
It has been stressful, but I am very excited, and I am praying that everything goes smoothly for my formal, and my last function as date function chair.

But back to the DZ formal.
I had such a great time!
I loved getting all dressed up and dancing the night away with lots of my friends.
It was so fun because I have so many friends that are in DZ, so it was a really special experience. 

I got so many compliments on my dress! I bought it in the winter and you can see that, black and white works for both winter and spring!
This dress is so easy to accessorize. 
You can wear it with a bright pair of earrings, or how I did it, a bright pair of shoes!

Sterling silver ball earrings


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Pretty in Pink

I can’t get over the cherry blossom trees!
And what’s great is that they are in bloom here, but then when I go back home in a couple of weeks the cherry blossoms are just starting to bloom there!
So, I get lots of pretty pink flowers for a very long time!
Click HERE to see more pretty pink flowers!!

H&M pink off the shoulder blouse
American Eagle jeggings
Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum
large faux pearl studs
Ray-Ban wayfarer tortoise shell sunglasses


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dijon Here I Come!

The other night I had a meeting with my fellow French friends and we started working on getting our visas for our study abroad program next fall!

The visa process is a bit overwhelming.
Also, going abroad for a whole semester is a bit overwhelming.

I am only at Wake for a couple more weeks and then I leave for 7 months. I talk more about my bitter sweet feelings HERE.

But putting aside feelings of sadness, I AM SO EXCITED to go to France!
I got the name of my host family and a little information about them at the meeting!
My host parents have a big family and they have a cat. They also live in a gorgeous house, which will be my house in the suburbs of Dijon, starting in September.

I am very very excited.
I’m nervous, of course, mostly about packing, ha, no I promise, that’s not my biggest worry, but one of them.
But don’t worry T&P over here has been doing lots of research about the weather and what the French wear.
I am also trying to figure out how I am going to continue my daily blogging…

I have also been trying to figure out how I am going to accomplish visiting all the countries that I want to while I am abroad. I have a laundry list of places and people I need to see!

All of it is overwhelming, scaring but yet, at the same time, so exciting and surreal.

J Crew wool sweater (yes because it was freezing yesterday)
American Eagle tall jeggings
Tory Burch cheetah Reva flats
J Crew statement necklace
Tiffany pearl studs


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Back to Kindergarten

Remember when you and your best friend used to plan to wear matching outfits every day to elementary school?
Or remember when you would wear the exact same outfit as a friend in upper grades, and then it turned into a competition of “who wore it better?”

Well I promise the latter wasn’t the case, when I met Ashley yesterday, to take pictures and she was in the EXACT same sweater that I was in. Ha! Great minds think alike! And this happens more often than you think.
Ashley and I, 9 times out of 10, are always in something J Crew and it just so happens that we usually buy the same items!
It's very funny but that's what blogger friends do, they TWIN, if they like it or not!!

J Crew white bell sleeve top
American Eagle pink high waisted jeggings
J Crew gold tassel earrings
Tory Burch nude ballet flats


Monday, April 16, 2018

Shag on the Mag 2018

I shagged the night away at Shag on the Mag Saturday night on the lower quad.
My feet still hurt!

I had so much fun at Student Union’s annual Shag on the Mag!
Shag on the Mag, for those of you who don’t know, is a campus tradition at Wake! 
A live Swing/Shag band performs under a big white tent on the lower quad, and from 10pm to 2am, students and community members swing and shag the night away!!

I had a handful of handsome and beautiful dates (shout-out to Joe, Erin, Haley, Victoria, Kate and Lauren) who helped me swing the night away.
I was surrounded by such great company who all looked like sweet little southern belles and lads. I laughed and danced all the way into the wee hours of the morning with my friends.
I forced every friend, both guy and girl, that I saw to swing dance with me.

I had such a blast and I can’t wait for next year!

It was such a classy event, and everyone looked so nice!
It was preppy overload!!

Click HERE to read about my amazing experience from Shag on the Mag last year too!

J Crew knit periwinkle dress
Large faux pearls
Tory Burch gold logo bangle
BCBG cork and brown wedges


Friday, April 13, 2018

I'm in LOVE

I’ve loved Wake since the moment I met her. There have been some rough times where my love was questioned and challenged, but in the end, I am deeply and thoroughly in love with mother so dear.
I am sad to say that I only have about twenty days left at mother so dear until I am gone for seven months!
It’s going to be a long seven months without my true love, lol. But I'm sure I will have an amazing time abroad, even though I will miss my beautiful school.
I am going to miss my beautiful campus and all of the wonderful people on campus.

I especially love this weather right now and the cherry blossom trees!!! Omg look how amazing they are!
And see how my pink shoes and pink mani match the trees? Planned? Maybe…

So much beauty and so much love here at Wake and I am going to deeply miss my amazing school.

H&M white ruffle shirt
American Eagle tall high waisted skinny jeans
DSW pink flats
Ray-Ban classic black and gold aviators
Tory Burch double pearl earrings


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Good Trench

I have come to notice that everyone loves a good trench coat.
I have gotten so many nice complements on my trench coat over the years!
It is such a statement piece but also such a classic look.
It pulls everything together and can instantly make you look like you spent $100 more dollars on that outfit than you actually did.
Not only is it a classic piece but it also makes you feel and look like a detective on a crime show.
Oooo, ahhh!!

I’ve listed some really cute ones down below because everyone should have a trench coat!


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"You are not safe here..."

If you go to Wake Forest then you’ve already heard that apparently we’re “not safe here...” That sounds a bit threatening but apparently, it’s not.

A group of five friends have some very strong feelings and opinions about Wake right now so they created a blog about it, The Sixth Circle, and those words, "you are not safe here," were the first words on the page of their blog.

They also have been emailing students to join their Sixth Circle if they feel the pain that they do.
If you read the whole article it makes some very valid and strong points; about the underpayment and poor treatment by students of the custodial staff and the food workers and the lack of free speech on campus. 
I did a whole blog post last year on free speech during the presidential election, and you can read that HERE.

They also commented on an overhaul of the curriculum, which I don’t necessarily agree with and the abolishment of Greek life, which again I don’t agree with.

At the end of the day, I am all for free speech and sharing ideas, but I think these students are very upset and thus went around their ideas in not the best way.

This is the reason why we have a student government. If you have an issue, or something you would like to change, all students have the freedom and ability to go speak to student government. 
At the same time, here I am speaking about their issues and publicizing them more. The whole school has probably read their article by now, so I think they got what they wanted! 
I understand that these students must be scared and too nervous to speak their views but I think if they really want to get something done, they should bring their thoughts to student government and then let student government try to do something about them!

H&M navy blue wool sweater
J Crew gold hoop earrings
Michael Kors gold Blair watch
DSW pink ballet flats


Friday, April 6, 2018

Keep Pushing!!

Keep pushing!

Shout-out to all my friends and myself who are struggling to be motivated this last month before summer, but power through!!! You can do it!!!

Don’t give up!

J Crew purple wool sweater
Rocksbox gold choker


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gotta Love a Campus Tour

I feel like campus tours are all I ever talk about anymore!
I love being a tour guide!!
I think it is so much fun, because:

a) I get to talk about myself, and who doesn’t love to do that 
b) I get to share what I love about my school with potential students 
c) I get reminded of how much I love WAKE after I give a tour
d) I get to crack jokes 
e) I get a really nice calf workout in while I am walking backwards on my tours!

It is spring break for most of the country, and all the accepted student’s got their letters from Wake the other day!
Over 1000 potential students have been visiting this week and we have had four tours each day this week, compared to the usual two.

I always make jokes when I see campus tours to my friends because I remember what it was like to be touring colleges with my mom. College application time was so stressful and SO NOT FUN!
But now that I am at my dream school I am so in love every day.
I love being a tour guide because I get to show off my school!
I love that all of the students touring Wake want to go here and I feel so lucky and so blessed that I actually get to go here!
Click HERE if you want to read my blog post from the FIRST time I visited Wake!
And click HERE to read about when I got accepted into Wake!

As you can tell, the potential students were so excited to be at Wake they HAD to be in my pictures because they HAD to be featured on T&P!!

Banana Republic off the shoulder blouse
Tory Burch black Reva ballet flats
Tory Burch double pearl earrings

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