Monday, April 29, 2019

Kappa Delta Spring Formal 2019

I was a dancing queen ALL NIGHT!
I had soooo much fun with all my friends at Millennium for our SPRING FORMAL.
We had our fall and spring formal there last year when I was Kappa Delta Date Function Chair. It is the best venue in Winston-Salem!
The DJ was so fun and played great music.

I got so many compliments on my dress.
It’s from ASOS, no surprise there. ASOS is where I get all my party dresses and formal wear!
This is only the second time I wore it. I wore this dress to my cousin’s wedding two years ago.
 But I am a strong believer in re-wearing dresses and outfits and just changing up the accessories. If Kate Middleton can rewear her dresses, so can I!

Before pictures, we went out for some delicious Mexican food that made me so bloated…
I should have known better and I should have not eaten the Mexican food before I had to put on my very tight dress.
But I think it still looked great!

My dress looked even better with my all-natural spray tan from GloBody.
I planned a little Kappa Delta Sisterhood Spray Tan Party with Tara from PrimeLifeFit on Wednesday and Thursday before formal.
We had about 10 girls sign up and get sprayed down with an all-natural spray tan solution, GloBody.
I have never gotten a spray tan before, so I was nervous I was going to be orange.
GloBody spray tans are all-natural airbrush spray tans with organic ingredients. The spray tan is vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free. All of the ingredients are natural and organic. 
This is the reason I decided to do the spray tan. I have never wanted to get one before because of all the nasty ingredients in most spray tans. GloBody spray tans are coconut water-based and was so natural looking.
Tara came and set up her pop-up tent in our Kappa Delta lounge, and one by one, she sprayed us down.
It was so cool, and I looked like I was glowing.
I felt so confident because I looked great!

Tara recommended the color “natural” for me.
She airbrushed my spray tan on in the little pop-up tent at 7 pm on Wednesday night and then I washed it off the next morning when I woke up. It looked so good.
The color never came off on my sheets, or my clothes. It never streaked in the shower.
It never looked splotchy, and nor did it stick to any dry skin on my body.
I showered two more times before formal on Friday night. It looked perfect.

It looked so good. All of my sorority sisters that did not get spray tans were jealous because I was glowing! I can’t wait to throw another Spray Tan Party with Tara next year!

By the end of the Formal, my spray tan still looked great, but my feet hurt. Those shoes are some sexy shoes, but they are not the shoe to dance in for hours.

Sadly, these photos are not as high quality as they normally are, because my 13-55 mm lens BROKE in the middle of our photoshoot on the quad... the auto focus stopped working so I need a new lens now.

But I surely cheered up once I got on the dance floor. 
I also cheered up when they announced that my handsome date won DAGGERMAN! Which means he is a Kappa Delta “Coach.” This just means he is a male member of our sorority that can play intramurals with our chapter and just get to know everyone.
He was so excited and was so happy all night.

This event was the perfect way to end the school year.
My last day of class is May 1st. I fly back to New York on May 10thand then I am officially a college SENIOR!


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