Monday, June 24, 2019

A Weekend in the Hamptons

Another weekend in the Hamptons with my best friends!

We made our way-out East Friday morning in the pouring rain for our annual trip. After getting out to East Hampton we spent the rainy day making homemade pasta, fresh sauce, brussel sprouts, slutty brownies and baked brie. Friday night we feasted.
This was the first of many big meals in the Hamptons.
I felt like all I did all weekend was eat!

After dinner, we walked to the East Hampton point dock and watched the sun finally set into the clear water leaving pink and orange wispy clouds in the sky after a week of rain.
It was the perfect way to start the official summer season.

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Saturday morning, we woke up early to spend a day at Atlantic Avenue Beach. This was my first real beach day this summer! It was so perfect for the first weekend of the season. 
The temperature was perfect. There was a little breeze off of the Atlantic and I felt very at peace and very relaxed. My friends and I caught up on some light reading courtesy of Cosmopolitan magazine and Vogue.

We had an amazing day until I had a creepy man, a man the age of my grandfather, approach me on the beach and comment on my looks.
I did not take it as a compliment, rather I was creeped out. I was just sitting on the beach with my friends reading and enjoying the beautiful sunshine until I was interrupted by an unsettling comment from our beach neighbor. I almost told the guy off but yet again I submissively said, thank you and walked away. One of these days I will have the confidence to tell the strange men that they are making me feel uncomfortable. But until then I will continue to suffer. Sadly, this is a regular occurrence for me, as well as, I’m sure, many other young women. 
As upset as I was, I laughed it off with my friends, because you have to laugh to keep yourself from crying!

For dinner we went to Moby’s. It really was not good. The restaurant was beautiful and had amazing views of the water and the sunset, but the food was really sub-par considering the hefty price.
Our waitress rushed us through dinner, and we were not pleased.
I deem myself a foodie and have very expensive taste when it comes to food.
So, when the bill came out to be $60 a person, I was hungry and less than amused. 

Another beautiful sunset over the water made up for the flavorless and boring food.

On Sunday we had another beautiful beach day. A super-hot and steamy day but nonetheless very relaxing yet again.

I had the best weekend with my best friends. We can really talk about anything and everything. I have known Michelle and Giorgia since elementary school, but we really became best friends in high school.
They have been there through it all with me; all the drama, all the boys, all the failures and all the successes, from elementary school now into our senior year of college.
I feel so blessed to have these amazing women in my life. I love them both dearly and I hope I will be friends with them for the rest of my life.


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