Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Texture, Pattern and Color

Bonjour mes amis!
Today I am going to talk all about how I pick out an outfit!
Because I am in high school, my weeks are crazy packed! I always have rehearsal and I am always going to bed at 2 am! So when I wake up at 6 am, I am still half asleep and therefore cannot logically and stylistically pick out a cute outfit to wear. (And no, I refuse to wear sweats!) 
So on Sundays, after I sleep in and shower I plan out my tentative outfits for the week. Keeping in mind the week's forecast. I line up all of my outfits in my closet for the week and also lay out the jewelry for each outfit. 
At 6 am, when I wake up, I check the weather for the day and fix my intended outfit accordingly. The only other thing I have to pick is my shoes. Most of the time, I already have picked out in my head what shoes I am going to wear, but today, I didn't. 
So when picking shoes to go with my outfit, I think about what I am already wearing and what shoes will add to the outfit. 
It is very important to mix different textures, patterns and colors to create the best outfit. That is what I did today. My shirt is sequined and therefore has a very cool texture, but it is still plain in the sense that it is not a big pattern. My jeans are a neutral and also plain. So I picked my cheetah print flats to add some pattern to my pretty simple outfit, to pull it all together!
My outfit would be too boring if I just wore black flats with this outfit. 

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