Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spirit Week: Spirit Day

Hey everyone! 
I'm so sad spirit week is over.... It was so much fun! I made some great memories with my friends this week!
You might be wondering why I am covered in paint.... well it's a tradition for the seniors to have a paint fight before school on spirit day and then walk around school all day covered in paint. So my friends and I got up at 6am and had a paint fight at one of our local parks! It was freezing but so much fun! And no I did not get punched in the face, it is just paint!
And then on Saturday we had homecoming! We had a parade and then a football game! Our football team finally won a homecoming game! It was so exciting. The final score was 37-0!! 
Overall, my grade won spirit week, because we had the most spirit but we did not win homecoming overall because our homecoming float wasn't the best.
I had so much fun this week and I still can't believe that I am a senior.


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