Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disney Day 2!


What an exciting day I had today!!! I had a wonderful and magical day in Disney! I spent the whole day in Magic Kingdom and had so much fun! Magic Kingdom is probably my favorite!! 
My mom and I went first thing this morning before the rest of the fam and went under the sea on The Little Mermaid's ride! It was so cute!! I am a huge fan of Ariel as you can see, she is probably one of my favorite princesses!!
We then went on my mom's favorite ride, Splash Mountain.... I got a little wet!! We had a fast pass for it, but since there was no crazy line to wait on we didn't end up using our fast past and instead switched the fast passes for another ride! Fast passes are the way to go! I honestly couldn't imagine waiting for hours to go on one 5 minute ride! ( We had an hour to kill until our next fast pass so we waited on line for an hour for the Peter Pan ride, which was literally a 7 minute ride!!) So if you're going to Disney, buy fast passes!! Our next fast pass was to the Haunted Mansion! It is not a ride I recommend for small children who are afraid of the dark, but other than that it is not a scary ride. It is a very simple ride, where you just sit in a cart and look at all the animated ghosts! It is actually quite amazing to look at all the animations and special effects!
After the haunted house, Peter Pan, Splash Mountain and one ride of princesses we went to see even more princesses at Cinderella's castle, where we had lunch! I saw pretty much all of the princesses! I highly recommend the lunch in the castle! It was so cute and the food was actually pretty good! I never got to have lunch with the princesses in Cinderella's castle when I was younger, but I highly recommend it! The princesses are so sweet and come up to the kids and talk to them and take lots of photos! And the wait staff refers to you as "m'lady" and "sir." So cute! 
After Cinderella's Royal Table we went to my favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear!! I love this ride so much I went on it twice! We had a fast pass and then our waiter at Cinderella's castle gave us a fast pass! It was so nice of them! The Buzz Lightyear ride is sooo cute! It is like an arcade game where you have to shoot the targets as the ride is moving! My brother-in-law got 1.5 million points from shooting the targets and I didn't get anywhere close! But when I went the second time with my nephew I won!! 
After Buzz my family kind of split up and went to different rides. My nephews went on Space Mountain, which sounds terrifying, and my niece, sister-in-law, my mom and I went to the Monster's Inc. comedy show! It was so cute! They have live actors behind the screen so they can see the audience and do improv and make jokes that make sense to the audience! They even put spotlights on certain guests and make fun of them! It is such a cute show!
We then split up again and my mom and I went to the Jungle Cruise! The captain of our "cruise" made some really corny jokes about the fake animals all around us, so it was just a silly ride! And after that we went to dinner at California Grill! The food was so good! The grill is on top of the Contemporary hotel so you really get a great view of the whole park! And since it is Sunday we could have gone back after dinner and watched the fireworks! But since our hotel is on the monorail, we could actually see the fireworks from our bedroom window!!
Overall we had a great day! Again not too hot and just a little bit of rain!

And finally for my outfit:
Shirt: Gap black tank top (similar)
Shorts: J Crew pink linen shorts (similar)
Bracelets: Alex and Ani assorted bangles and magic Disney band in pink


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